Some days are good days. Some days are bad days. Some days could go either way. Today is such a day. I’m doing everything within my power to tip the balance.

So here’s a quick glimpse at my office attire for the day.

Try to wear shorts like this and not smile. It's impossible.

Try to wear shorts like this and not smile. It’s impossible.

I’m sure the first thought goign through your mind is, “Oh, God, Paul. Why?” Well, to be frank, you’ve answered your own question. If it makes someone shake their head and ask why, then it makes me smile just a bit and I’m working very hard at manufacturing smiles where ever I can today. Kind of explains the Whirlwind’s penchant for funky school photos, no? Honestly, I’ve understood all along where that comes from and that’s why I indulge it.

Second, this is one of those days where I need to take charge of my attitude. It’s one of those days where it would be too easy to let a blue funk wrap itself around my brain. I find it is impossible to take the world, or myself too damn seriously dressed in shorts that are composed entirely of 35mm slide images of Summer vacation pictures.

So with this wardrobe and the Jimmy Buffet + Kenny Chesney playlist, we’re going to make today a good day.

I suppose it’s also more than a bit possible that my mind has simply jumped ahead to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

So there you go. I’ve done my part to make today a good day. It’s my wish for you that everyone out there reading this is able to do the same. Find that thing that makes them smile today, embrace it and don’t let go.