Feels like there are a couple of waves about to crest, or possibly crash, soon. Not sure what to make of them all.

WOD for Thursday 052313

5 reps @55%- 85#
3 reps @65% – 100#
3 reps @75% – 115#
3 sets of 2 reps @85% 1RM – 130#

Moved pretty quickly through these. The last set was a real struggle. Put my focus into ensuring everything was tight top to bottom and trying to be explosive with the lift.

3 sets @80% of max reps (ie, if your max set is 10 reps, you’ll do 3 sets of 8 reps)

Did 3 sets of 4 reps each. Set the rings high to ensure I could maintain a straight line with legs extended and not curl my feet under me. Worked again at getting very deep.

Before we got to the METCON I snuck in a couple of kipping ring pull ups. Just for the hell of it. I haven’t done any in ages. I surprised myself with how far up into the rings I’m able to pull my body. Coach Rachel saw me and we exchanged rather pleasantly surprised expressions when I was done. We didn’t actually say any thing but I know I was thinking to myself, “Well, ok then. That definitely didn’t suck.”

I’m realistic about this. I’m not going to be stringing together multiple muscle ups by the Fourth of July. But I am wondering if they should move up on the goal list. Right now, ring muscle ups are pretty much the bottom of my goal list. I kind of view them as the pinnacle of the Crossfit pantheon of exercises. To me they’re the ultimate expression of strength, power, balance, gymnastic prowess. They’re the complete package. Muscle ups were always something that other people can do. They’re something that I always sort of thought of as, “yeah, some day….maybe…maybe not.” Now I’m thinking, “Why not?”

5 Rounds For Time:
10 Barbell Lunges (25% of 1RM Back Squat) -5 each leg
10 Dynamic Pushups (onto 45lb plates)

So 25% of my back squat is 70#. 75# was more convenient to load up. Dynamic push ups were done with 45# plates as prescribed.

The push ups hurt about as much I expected and were definitely the slower of the two exercises this morning. What caught me off guard was how much the lunges hurt, right in my backside!

After the very first round I felt each lunge very distinctly right in the glute, good, good stuff.

Finished the METCON Rx in a respectable 6:07.

There was lots of spare time post-WOD. I was thinking about how much shoulder work we did today, so I thought, “OK, do a few pistols.” That was when I realized exactly how much the barbell lunges had punished my glutes. Damn, those pistols hurt. But they are getting better!

Lexy was very generous in offering some tips on how to improve my form and balance. The two tips she offered that I’ve got to remember are 1) squeeze the knees together and 2) the foot of the extended leg should cross over your center line to be directly in front of the foot you’re balancing on. I found both of those made balancing much much easier. Thank you, Lexy.

I’ve got a ways to go, but they are getting there. I did 3 or 4 singles on each leg before calling it a day. I’m thinking I should be able to do a solid below parallel unsupported pistol on each leg before Labor Day. That’s the goal. Mark the calendar.

I did a couple of negative handstands to headstands against the wall. Given how we smoked our shoulders, I had no expectations of pushing back up and out back into the handstand. I made myself descend on a very slow 5 count from full extension to the point where my head touched the floor. That’s another one of those, “on the verge” sort of maneuvers. Feels like I’m due for a break through.

Guess we’ll see. Nothing for it but to keep working and see what happens. Who knows? Both pistols and hand stands/handstand push ups are going to be part of the focus for the next 6 weeks of programming. I’m very excited about that. Maybe the wave will finally crest then. Just hope it doesn’t drown me in the process.