To quote the immortal James Brown, “Things are too funky in here,” but they’re a whole lot of fun. Alternatively, I was definitely feeling the fact that today was the fifth workout of the week. Still a good day overall.

WOD for Friday 052413

Kipping Pullups
5 Rounds:
5 sec on/5 sec off x 3 kipping swing (no pullup, just swing)
Rest 30 seconds after each round Then, 3 Rounds of 5 reps each:  On the ground, hip thrusts.

If you have 20 unbroken Kipping Pullups, work this Muscle Up drill:
5 Rounds
5 reps of “False grip ring row, false grip ring row, false grip ring row to transition

While I don’t quite have 20 unbroken kipping pull ups, I let Coach Erin know that I wanted to do some of the muscle up drill listed above. She decided that with the group of folks attending we would all benefit from a mix of both sets of drills. So that’s what we did.

I believe in the end, I probably went through 3, maybe 4 cycles of the muscle up drill and 2 sets of kipping drills on the bar.

3 singles @75% -145#
3 singles @85% – 165#
2 singles @90% 1RM – 175#

I was really looking forward to cleans today. Wwanted to see if I could manage those 90% lifts. Never got to try. The lifts at 145 all went ok. So I loaded up for 165.

On the very first lift, I got a monster cramp in the top and front of my left shoulder. The muscles all the way to the base of my ear seized up. I missed the lift, cursed loudly and walked away.

Coach Erin showed me a stretch to help loosen things up and after a few minutes I went back to the bar, scaled back to 145 and got one or two more ok lifts. I figured, “good enough. End with a hit.”

Yesterday was a lot of shoulder work so I’m not surprised it happened. No big deal.

Double Tabata – 8 minutes of alternating rounds of:
Power Clean (50% of 1RM Snatch)
Power Snatch

50% of my 1RM Snatch is 75#. Seemed like a workable weight so that’s what I used. I was very pleased with the consistency on this METCON. I pulled 6 power cleans each round, and 5 snatches on 7 of the 8 rounds for those. One round of 4. Total score 87 reps. I’ll take it.

Funky Short Friday continues to grow! That’s as gratifying as any PR. To see this totally silly notion catching on with my friends is very cool. It’s a harmless way to build a bit of esprit de corp among the group and it’s a whole lot of fun. Very cool that folks are embracing it. I got to wear my new “travel” shorts today. The pattern consists entirely of 35MM slides repeating in a grid all over the board shorts. Pretty cool. Matt however was the ‘winner’ of the day, hands down!

He wore this pair of orange, green and white animal patterned compression shorts and that’s it! I lack the words to do them justice and explain how audacious they were. I told him at the time, “it takes a very bold and confident man to go out in public and work out in those.” He has set the bar very high for the Summer as the competition is sure to ramp up. This could be fun.