Yesterday’s hero WOD definitely took it’s toll. Still, it felt good to work out today and I’m satisfied with the results.

WOD for Tuesday 052813

EMOM for 8 minutes:
1 Snatch Balance
2 Sots Press
Finish the OHS
Use 30% of Snatch 1RM = 45#

In spite of my own efforts to get loose and Rachel’s warm up session (Thanks for the sledge hammer work, Coach), it took a good 4 rounds to be able to drop straight into a deep squat. To be honest, I’m not certain I ever acheived a “deep” squat, but they did get deeper each successive round.

I was relating this to my wife when I got home and her comment was, “So that’s why they call Monday’s WOD Murph? Because that’s the sound you make every time you exert yourself the following day?” To be clear, she knows the background on Murph, but she could be on to something.

My only consolation was that everyone in the box, for what ever their reasons, seemed to be struggling. As Coach Rachel said, “Everyone was wearing Monday snarl faces” today.

Back Squat
5 reps @50% – 10
5 reps @65%
3 reps @80%
2 reps @90% – 250
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

I worked the lifts at the prescribed weights and it was very obvious that today would not be a PR day. I managed one successful squat at 275#. That’s 5# shy of my curent 1RM. I made one attempt at 285 and failed. I’m perfectly satisfied with that.

150m Farmer’s Walk (2 X 52/35)
20 Double KB Front Squat
150m Farmer’s Walk in Rack position
10 KB Lunges (Right)
10 KB Lunges (Left)
200m Sprint (No KBs)
Time Cap = 7 minutes

I used 40# KBs for this METCON. The first walk wasn’t too bad. I even managed to complete the front squats ahead of the rest of the group. Then things got ugly. The second farmers walk was grueling. I set the KB’s down once on the way out, at the turn around and once on the way back.

I set the KB’s down repeatedly during the lunges and finished them with 3 seconds remaining in the 7 minute window. I had no intention of even doing the 200M sprint once time had elapsed. However when I saw Craig complete his lunges after me and he still took off to run, I chose to finish it out.

File today in the “I got up and did the work and that’s enough” category.