I’m taking part in my first Olympic lifting competition on Saturday. I tested my strategy for opening weights, etc this morning. Things did not go according to plan. Now I’m rethinking everything.

Workout for 061013
I skipped the scheduled skill work of dips and 1RM front squat strength work. With the CFD in-house Oly lift competition on Saturday I wanted to test out the opening weights that I submitted and see what I could push today.

Snatch – So my current 1RM for a snatch is 150#. My strategy going into Saturday was open at 135. It’s a heavy weight, but it should be attainable. Assuming I hit it, then I was contemplating a 2nd lift at 145. If I land that, then I would attempt 155, or maybe 160, if I’m feeling really scrappy and lucky.

After today, I’m considering backing my starting weight off by 10 or maybe even 20 pounds. I don’t know what the challenge was but I got all jammed up at 115# today. I missed it twice, then hit it twice with a couple of power snatches. Really don’t know what to make of it. Snatch work has been really steady and predictable for me up until this morning. It’s tempting to just write it off as an off day or a failure to stretch out and warm up properly. Don’t know though.

The clean and jerk were ok. Truthfully, I was dwelling on the snatch while doing the clean and jerk, so I was a bit disconnected. I managed successful lifts at 115, 135, 155, and 165#. That’s 30# short of my PR, but that PR is also 6 months old. I haven’t gotten near that since.

My plan for this lift for Saturday was to open 155#. Attempt 175# for the second lift and if successful go after something just over 195. Those 20# jumps sounded overly aggressive to me from the start and I don’t see that as likely now. I’m thinking I’ll still use 155# as a first lift, but I’m thinking a final lift of 180# might be a more realistic goal for the day.

I’m also going to modify my WOD schedule this week. Tuesday, I’ll do what ever is programmed, but scale significantly. I want to stay in motion, but I don’t want to injure anything. I think Thursday I’ll rework these lifts for at least the strength session, maybe the full hour. Friday’s looking like a rest/mobility day.

I did join the crew for the METCON this morning. It was a fun one. 21 Ball Slams, 50 double unders, 15 ball slams, 50 Double unders, 9 ball slams, 50 double unders with a 7 minute cap. Rx was a 40# slam ball for men. I went with 30#. I know my form goes to crap with a 40# slam ball and I always end up walking away with a sore lower back. Need to stay smart.

I missed finishing the METCON by 2 double unders! TWO! Talk about annoying? Basically that means at some point I stood around centering myself and trying to calm my body down for about two breaths too many. Gah.

That was the challenge with the DU’s today. I was frantic. I was paying so much attention to hand position that my feet kept speeding up and then my hands would try to match pace and then thwap! That being said, there were some ok runs in the teens and 20s. Most were between 7-10 at a clip though. Pre-wod Nat asked me if the double under gods were smiling on me today. I told him to check back in 8 or so minutes. When the METCON was over I caught up with him and told him, “nope. They were laughing at me today.”