So yesterday I said I wanted to take it easy today, so I don’t hurt myself before Saturday’s lifting competition. Well, I didn’t hurt myself, so I got that right. But easy? There ain’t nothing easy around CrossFit Durham.

3 x 10 seconds
Hollow holds on floor (to reinforce “hollow body” position)

These were interesting. First time I’ve gotten to practice hollow holds. I have more work to do. I think I need to work a bit harder at elevating my shoulders off the floor, but I could be mistaken.

4 Rounds: max reps (-3) HSPU. Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round.
I did 4 sets of 5 negatives here, but that may have been a bit much. Not sure I had 3 reps left in the tank after each set. All of these were done with head and hands on floor so full range of motion.

I tried on the first rep of each set to try and push myself back up from the headstand into the handstand. It’s still not there, but it’s not too far off either.

Between the second and third sets I grabbed and abmat and did two singles to the mat. Remarkable what a difference that 3 or 4 inches makes. It’s funny to me that I can do that, but take that mat away and make me put my head to the floor and it’s just not there…YET.

Push Press
5 reps @45% 115#
5 reps @55% 125#
3 reps @65% 135#
3 sets of 4 reps @75% 1RM (no more than 3 attempts) 145#

I think I have those weights right. Craig, Nat and I shared a rack. The push press felt really good. Need to be careful though. I caught myself arching my back on the initial push.

For Time:
All lifts from ground (135/95)
40 Deadlifts
Run 200
30 Power Clean
Run 200
20 Front Squat
Run 200
10 Jerk (any style)
Run 200
Time Cap = 18 minutes

You know you’re in for a treat (read: “about to go through living hell”) when EVERYONE in the box spends the skill and strength portion of the WOD discussing and strategizing about the METCON to come.

“Are you going Rx?”

“What weight are you using?”

“How are you breaking up the sets?”

“This is gonna SUCK!”

This was pretty much the running dialogue throughout the box as we were working our way towards this one. I elected for 115#. I had the bar set up so that I could shed 20# on the fly, if necessary. On another day I might have been reckless enough to try it Rx and I would have suffered for days.

It was tempting to try and go unbroken on the deadlifts, but I stepped away from the bar at 20 reps for a few quick breaths. Did it again at 30 reps too because I could feel my shoulders rounding forward.

I was shocked going out the door for the first 200M run to feel that my calves were not exactly cramped, but very tight. Totally unexpected and I never quite shook the feeling on the runs.

I started with a set of 6 power cleans, stepped back and paused. My initial intent was 5 sets of 6. Somewhere around the eighth rep though something in my head said, “Screw this! I’m not setting this bar down 20+ more times.” I shrugged the bar off and just let it drop. The rest of the power cleans were done that way. Lift, shrug, drop. Call it 22 singles.

Front squats were done 10, 5, and 5. Jerks were all done as push jerks and went unbroken. Finished in 13:23. Have to say, as much I was dreading this one it was a whole lot of fun. Still, I’m pretty sure that when I wake up on Wednesday, I’m going to be thankful that it’s my rest day.

Looking back, I know I wouldn’t have completed this METCON in less than 18 minutes Rx. I’m not confident that I could have completed it period.

After the WOD another athlete, Amanda asked me, “So that was taking it easy, Paul?” I had to confess. I’d worked harder and hadn’t scaled as far as I likely should have. So I answered, “That was definitely pushing the envelope of taking it easy.”

Friday will definitely be a rest day before Saturday’s competitive event and possibly Sunday’s Father’s Day WOD…all of a sudden, maybe Thursday will be a rest day too.