Let’s just get down to what matters

EMOM for 8 minute:
1st Position Hang Power Clean
1 Split Jerk
Split Press
Recover from split
Use 40% of Clean 1RM

Worked all of these as prescribed at 85#. Getting more comfortable with the split jerk. Pleased about that because my understanding is that a technically proficient lifter should be able to split jerk more than they can push jerk. To date that has not been my experience, but I feel like the gap is narrowing. So that feels like progress.

Sumo Deadlift – based off a presumed 1RM of 340.
5 reps @50% – 170#
5 reps @65% – 225#
3 reps @80% – 275#
2 reps @90% – 305#
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

I hadn’t tested for a 1RM (325#)on this lift since last August. It’s been so long and I failed to look it up in my records, so I went to the box today believing this was the first time I’ve tested this lift for a one round max. Based on what the coaches have always told us in terms of planning numbers for this lift when training I came into it figuring anything in the vicinity of 340, roughly 90% of my standard deadlift would be a good day.

Somewhere in the back of my head I had a monster BHAG lurking around. I’ve heard more than once that the sumo deadlift pleasantly surprised people because they discovered their sumo 1RM was 10-20# higher than the traditional lift. I was thinking to myself, if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be outrageous to think I could crack 400# today. I wasn’t really expecting those sorts of numbers, but hey a guy can dream, right?

Well, the work sets all went as expected at the weights listed above. For my first 1RM attempt I set the bar at 335#. It was a good clean lift. I knew I could do more, but wasn’t sure how much more. Then that BHAG started howling around in my head. I thought, “if I want to get really big today, then I’m going to have to split the difference between here and there. So I loaded the bar to 365#. Not a perfect split, but a 30# jump seemed plenty aggressive. How’d it go?

Well the first attempt barely left the floor. Honestly I’m not even sure the plates on the ends of the barbell did leave the ground. Did I let that stop me from trying the same weight again? Hell, no.

Did I lift it, the second time around? Hell, no. Still, knowing now that I actually did increase my 1RM by 10# and knowing that it could have been a bit more makes for a good day.

AMRAP in 6 minutes:
Burpee Pullups
Hollow Rocks (2 counts = 1 hollow rock)

I’m not a big burpee fan. Lots of people actively dislike them. Me? I don’t work up that kind of venom for an exercise. But they’re not a favorite to be sure. Pull ups are just ok as far as I’m concerned. Some days they’re there. Some days they’re not. For some reason I really do enjoy burpee pull ups! Something about that compound exercise really works for me. The sum is definitely greater than the parts for me.

I like the combination of movements. I’m confident coming out of the burpee jumping up to the bar.  Often I don’t have to look for the bar. I can just get my feet under me and go straight up into the pullup without looking. I seem to have a feel for that exercise.

Hollow rocks are cool. We haven’t done a lot of them, so they’re a bit tough to gauge if I’m doing them correctly all the time. I can definitely feel their effects in my mid-line now as the day wears on.

I completed 7 rounds + 2 reps. Satisfied with that. I’m definitely feeling the effects of 3 straight days of training. Planning on working out Tuesday too. Solely because I feel like I need to re-establish my regular workout patterns. But there’s no denying Wednesday is going to be a welcome rest day.