As opposed to planting my head…into the floor. Things you learn.

4 Rounds: Max reps (-3) pistols Right leg, then Left leg.
Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round.
Scale to a box to put these sets in the 5-10 rep range.

Felt good to do these with relatively fresh legs after a weekend of rest. I used a 12″ box with a 25# plate resting on top as my platform to squat to. Call it 14″ inches? Did 4 rounds of 4 reps each leg. I might be doing myself a bit of a disservice with this. I may need to scale the platform a bit higher to get into that 5-10 rep range.

I’ve heard some people say they like holding a kettle bell at arms length while doing pistols to act as a counter balance. I experimented with it for one round with, I think, a 12# kettle bell. Didn’t like it, myself. Felt like there were too many forces pulling in too many directions.

Still I’m pleased with the overall results. I still believe the goal of 1 unsupported full range of motion pistol for each leg by Labor Day is attainable.

1 rep @60% – 95
1 rep @70% – 105
1 rep @80% – 115
1 rep @85% – 125
1 rep @90% – 135
1 rep @95% – 145
Establish 1RM (no more than 4 attempts)

Snatches did not go as planned today. I was fine through 125#. I had to do 135# twice because I definitely pressed it out on the first attempt.

145# ate my lunch today. Made several attempts to lift it and finally got it off the floor and kept it overhead, but it was ugly.

Not really sure why the lift was such a challenge today. Mostly I had a tough time convincing myself to get under the bar quickly. Ah well.

For Time:
20 OHS (40% of Back squat 1RM)
Run 200m
20 burpees
Time Cap:  6 minutes

So 40% of my Back Squat is 115#. I attempted a few practice squats at that weight but it painful in my wrists, so I backed off to 105#.

Definitely a fast and furious metcon. The only real goal was to keep moving and go unbroken. Was able to do that and finished the METCON in 3:21. It was a pretty cool workout. My only observation, running after overhead squats is NEVER fun.

There was still some time post-WOD. I had every intention of heading home and starting my work day, but some friends were grabbing gear preparing to do some accessory work. I thought, “yup, I need to do that too.” See? Peer pressure can be productive.

I considered more pistol work, but thought, “Nah, did that already today. Legs are creaky. That’s only gonna piss me off. Handstand push ups? Shoulders are still pretty fresh. Best chance for a win.”

I wandered over to the bare wall, set my hands and kicked up into a handstand. I’ve been experimenting with these quite a bit and have realized that if I allow my head to rest on the floor and settle into a headstand, I get stuck. It feels like the inverted equivalent of being pinned down in a back squat. If I plant my head on the floor and rest any substantive weight there, effectively going into a  headstand, my biceps relax and I’m unable to push through that point to get up again.

All that to say I was very conscientious about just kissing the crown of my head to the floor and then immediately working back up. It took long enough to push up that I had time to mull over the idea that, “holy shit! This might work! This might really be the one!” It got a little wobbly near the top, but I held it together long enough to say with integrity that I locked it out and returned my feet to the floor of my own volition. Soon as my feet hit the floor, I dropped to a kneeling position and looked to my friend Allison practicing double unders near by and said, “PLEASE. Tell me that you saw that.”

Allison let me know that she did. It was only then that I exhaled. I made two more attempts, but was unsuccessful. First time my head went straight to the floor and I couldn’t push out. Second miss was better, but not full. Kissed my head to the floor again and pushed part way up, but my arms were trembling. I got concerned about collapsing, so I bailed. Still. VERY pleased to have one honest verified HSPU under my belt. Just realizing that it is possible makes a big difference in confidence for me.

Allison observed both of my misses and asked if I’ve tried kipping before. I confessed that I have tried it before. At the time, when I did I arched my back and neck and smacked the back of my skull against the concrete wall. Since then I’ve been committed to learning HSPUs strict before kipping. Some folks will say that it’s better because if you can learn an exercise strict before learning how to kip, (not just HSPUs but most exercises) it’s better for your progression as an athlete. I get that. I don’t disagree with it. In this case, I’m not so concerned with that. I’m just trying to avoid a concussion.

Very pleased with today. Now I’ve got to stay on it. The first week of July will be a good week to practice both pistols and HSPU’s. Won’t be getting to the box that week, so I’ve got to do some “own programming” and home WODs. Need to do some reasearch on progressions or additional drills for these for the week. Suggestions are invited and welcome.