On Monday I accomplished something that I’ve been working towards for a while, a full range of motion hand stand push up. While I was pleased, I was nervous that it was a one-off fluke sort of thing. Pleased to say it seems that’s not the case.

WOD for Thursday 062713

3 x 10 seconds
Hollow holds on floor (to reinforce “hollow body” position)

Hollow holds went fine. Was surprised at how much I felt the tension below my rib cage near the end of the last 10 second session. I’m certain it’s a holdover tightness from Tuesday’s kettle bell mania. I spent most of Wednesday cringing if I turned in certain directions. I would wince outright leaning over to lift a 30″ laundry basket. Ah well. Hurts so good, I guess. 😉

4 Rounds: max reps (-3) HSPU. Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round
I got one more handstand push up today. It was a terrible struggle. Definitely not as clean as the one on Monday. This one was ugly, wobbly, my legs started to spread apart into a V. But I’m claiming it as legit in that I did touch my head to the floor and I locked it out at the top. I’ll fully admit that everything in between those two points was suspect. I was only able to do that one today, but at least that confirms the one on Monday wasn’t a blind squirrel finding a nut sort of thing.

I know I still have miles to go on this skill, but I’m still pretty stoked. I haven’t been making progress on various lifts the way I would like. So hitting these accomplishments in these gymnastic elements is very satisfying. I’ll take the victories  wherever they occur. I find it reassuring to know that I’m still making progress even if it is in unexpected areas. So that’s cool.

After the single I did 4 more negatives in that set. Then a second set of 5 negatives.

After that Coach Erin directed me to move to elevating my feet on a box and doing more reps from a planked position. My shoulders were feeling pretty toasty at that point, so I got in 2 more sets of 5 reps piked on a 30″ box to complete this session.

Next week I’ll be working on my own. I think I’ll stick to negatives, but try to up the reps a bit.

Push Press
5 reps @55% -120
3 reps @65% – 140
3 reps @75% – 160
3 sets of 2 reps @85% 1RM -180

These went ok. Form was pretty good. But man, the 3 working sets at 85% were tougher than anticipated. I realize that 85% of 1RM is supposed to be heavy, but it seemed heavier than expected. Probably shouldn’t have been such a surprise given the HSPU work, but it definitely caught me off guard in the moment. Oh well, churn through.

21-15-9 For Time:
Row (for calories)
Wall Balls (20/14)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Time Cap = 12 minutes

More rowing? I’m all in! This was a pretty cool METCON. We had one more athlete than rower. Coach Erin asked for a volunteer to work out of the posted sequence, just so no one was working completely alone. So I actually did these in the order of Wall Balls, Box Jumps and finished the round with Rowing.

Pleased to say that all activities went unbroken and I finished Rx in 8:17. Very satisfied with that time. Could have been a bit quicker, but transitioning into the rower on the first round proved complicated. Tough time strapping into the foot plates and technical issues getting the dormant computer up and running. No big deal. All just part of playing the game.