Two days of surprisingly demanding workouts. Pretty good way to burn off the holiday excesses and gain some fresh perspective.

Thursday, July 04, 2013
6 Rds
24 air squats
24 push ups
24 walking lunges
Run 400M.

This was very likely the toughest individual WOD I’ve ever endured. I didn’t chose this one. I did this because I knew the folks back home at CFD were doing this for 4th of July. So that made it appealing. I even did it at 9am, just so that I was doing it at the same time as my friends. That became important later, because knowing those folks were doing the WOD was a large part of what helped me finish it.

I knew this one would be long. I did not foresee it going longer than 30 minutes. I knew the runs were going to be a minimum of 2 minutes a piece, so that was 12 minutes, likely closer to 15. I didn’t anticipate just how long the additional work would take.

I don’t like working out alone. I find it tough to self-motivate. Erin didn’t want to take on all the running as she’s nursing an injured foot. The Whirlwind came along to take part. He very wisely listened to his body and shut down after 3 rounds in the 85 degree heat and the excessive humidity. This meant I was on my own out on the local high school track.

By round 3 I wanted to quit. I wanted so much to quit. All through Round 3 I kept saying, “No one’s going to know, if you quit. No one’s going to care.” Somewhere during Round 4 I thought, “No. They’re doing this back home right now and there’s no way you’d quit, if you were at the box. Keep going.” So I worked through the fourth round.

Somewhere in the fifth round I worked out that there was no way I’d finish under 30 minutes, got dejected and again consdiered quitting. But the thought hit me again, “No. They’re still working. You keep working.” So I slogged through the 5th.

After the fifth round I thought, “ignore the clock. Just get it all done.” Throughout the morning, the push ups were the toughest. In the fifth round, I was thinking, “OK. Six sets of 4 reps. 4 quick rest breaths between sets.” I got down in the plank. Started the first round and went, “Nope. 3 sets of 8 reps.”

With the lunges done I stepped to the start line for the 400 and couldn’t help myself. I checked my watch, 32:20. I thought, “Huh. Bring this run in under 2:30 and you’ll at least be under 35 minutes.” So that became the goal. Glad to say I pulled that off. I ran the final 400M in 2:25 and finished the WOD 34:45.
I had a hankering for burpees today. Say what? That NEVER happens. I was seriously entertaining the 7 minutes of burpees WOD to see if I could top my last score. But in mulling it over, I didn’t want burpees THAT bad. I wanted to mix in something that I haven’t done in a while, which isn’t common in the box’s programming. I decided on mountain climbers.

I wanted a 12-15 minute work out. Something longish, because I know I won’t workout this weekend, but not hero WOD longish. I came up with 3 rounds for time 25 reps of 4 ct Mountain Climbers and 25 reps burpees.

First round of mountain climbers was pretty good, which surprised me. I’m really not a fan of mountain climbers. From the very first burpee though, I knew I was in for more than I bargained for.

Right from the start I was doing 5 count “yoga burpees.” Those are the ones where 1) I drop to the deck; 2) rock back onto my knees into child’s pose; 3) rise up onto my knees and hands in a tabletop position; 4) haul my feet up to my hands; 5) jump up. In my defense, all of my jumps were legit. I deliberately positioned myself under a tree branch that was roughly 6″ above my outstretched arms. I made myself touch that damn branch every rep.

But when I finished the first round of 25 reps each, I announced to Erin, who was doing her own WOD, that I was going to do 20 reps each for the remainder of the workout.

When it was all said and done, I finished the 3 rounds in 12:57. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t stick to the original program, but hey, I am on vacation afterall. 😉

At the end of the week, I’m very pleased. I said back on Tuesday  that I had 3 goals this week. Work out on the same schedule that I would as if I was still at home. Goal accomplished. Two, attack the workouts with the same intensity that I would have if I were at CFD — mostly. could have been better. Three – eat clean. Very pleased here. I definitely drank more beer this week and had more home cooked desserts than I would have at home. BUT, I did not indulge in any soda. My inlaws keep Coca-cola in the house by the gallon. That’s always been a huge addiction of mine and not caving into that was a significant accomplishment in my book. Second, I largely avoided the temptation to dive into all of the bread that’s always on hand here. So overall I’m satisfied.

The workouts themselves were pretty cool. I really enjoyed a week of just rolling around in the grass with the family. Programming at that box of late has been very technically precise and conventional of late. Taking a week on my own to get back to recess for grown ups has really recharged my attitude. Bear crawls, inchworms, mountain climbers, crab walks, walking lunges, really getting into what I consider to be the playful exercises and sharing them with the family has been a whole lot of fun. This “working vacation” was just what the doctor ordered.