What a workout today plus a bit of shenanigans with the entire 6:15 crew. The more time I spend with these folks, the more I appreciate and enjoy them. What a bunch of characters.

Deadhang Pullups
Test for 1 set max (no more than 3 attempts)

The best set I could muster today was a set of 5. I was hoping for more. Last time we did this I got a set of 7, so I was looking to beat that. Not going to lose sleep over it though.

Wide Grip Bench Press
5 reps @45% – 100
5 reps @55% – 130
3 reps @65% – 150
3 sets of 4 reps @75% 1RM – 175

Based the weights off my curent normal grip 1RM of 235. That may have been a bit high, but I honestly believe that 1RM should be higher.  The working sets were tough, but doable so it seemed on target.

For Time:
50 Parallette Jumps
50 Abmat Situps
50 Hand Release Pushups
50 Wall Ball (20/14)
50 Ring Dips
Time cap = 20 minutes

Holy smokes what a METCON! I liked this one a lot. Even though I ache from head to toe right now and I had problems working the hand brake on the Mustang when this one was over! 😉

Very interesting how the exercises were stacked. Not sure it will hold for all athletes, but for me the order went from easiest to hardest. Parallette jumps went unbroken. Pretty pleased with that. Things got progressively harder as I moved through the exercises. The ring dips were just punishing. I knew I’d never get through 50 reps without assistance, so I hung two bands off my rings, purple and red. I attempted some unassisted to start but between the push ups and wall balls, I wasn’t able to do a single unassisted rep.

So I strung up the lighter purple band for minimum assistance. That lasted for I think 10 reps. Then I switched to the thicker red band for more help and continued that way to completion. I tried to be structured about how many reps I did each set, but it was tough. Pretty all over the place. All I know for certain is that no set was less than 3 reps at a time. It took a ridiculous amount of time to get these done. Easily a third of the time spent on this METCON was spent in the rings. But I did get them done. Eventually.

Final time was 16:35. I’ll take it.

Cash out:
Finish with 100 Band Pull Aparts (try to complete in one set) – I ended up doing these in 4 sets of 25 with a purple band. One set, just wasn’t in the cards.

So why do I enjoy the 6:15 crew so much? Here’s why. Today was Michelle’s birthday. Her husband, Craig announced that Michelle wanted everyone to Prancercise as part of the warm up for her birthday. So we did.  Simple as that. Not familiar with it? Here’s a link to a demo video.

The entire crew (between 15-20 of us) lined up across the floor and prancercised our way across the gym, sharing a laugh as we went.  Why does it matter? Because that’s how close this group is. We did it simply because someone asked. It would be easy to be dismissive and say we’re not taking things seriously. But that’s not true. When the coaches say, “3-2-1-go,” this group works extremely hard. Everyone wants to be better today than they were the day before. The distinction is no one takes themselves too seriously. That’s really important. It makes the environment that much more accessible to anyone and everyone.

The comfort level and chemistry in this group is awesome. The idea that folks are willing to just get a bit silly together in a gym of all places just makes me smile. It makes me crave getting up at 5:15 as often as possible to hang out and work out with them. Happy birthday, Michelle and thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate!