The bar won. That workout took my lunch money. Use whatever cliche you want. Things did not go well today in the box. But even on the days where the workout goes ugly, I have to give thanks.

6 Rounds:
1st position Clean and Jerk + Jerk
Rest 1 min between rounds.
Use 40% of CJ 1RM (80#) for rounds 1-3. Increase to 50% (95#) for Rounds 4-6.

Every thing just felt heavy and slow today. I know why. It’s all things I can control. I just have to do it and I will. But man it all caught up to me today.

Even at these light weights it all just felt cumbersome and uncoordinated.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (video)
5 reps @55% – 185
3 reps @65% – 220
3 reps @75% – 255
3 sets of 2 reps @85% 1RM – 290

I based those weights off of a presumed 1RM of 340, which is roughly 10% less than my standard deadlift 1RM. Seemed like good logic.

Everything from 220 up felt exceedingly heavy today. For the working sets, I scaled the weight to 275 and it was ROUGH!

3 Rounds For Time:
10 Zercher Squats (50% 1RM Front Squat)
15 Power Cleans
20 (10/leg) Lunges (IN PLACE) with barbell in rack position
Time Cap = 12 minutes

This METCON ate me up! Rx for me would have been 120#. I tried it a couple of times and knew it was too much. I scaled to 115#, but with a combination of plates rather than simple 35s on a 45# bar. I had a hunch I’d be shedding weight on the fly.

I got through the first round at 115 and dropped 20# as soon as it was done. Just as during the skill work, EVERYTHING just felt sluggish and heavy. Even the power cleans which are normally a strength for me were rough. I completed 2 rounds and 13 reps. However, I was working at the back of the box with my back to the clock. I never heard the coach call out when time expired so I’m certain some of those reps were done after the fact. Ah well.

I actually had to look back at the room and see everyone else sprawled on the floor resting to clue in that time may have expired. I called out, “is that it? Is time up?” Coach Erin said, “Yes, but you can finish out if you want.” I answered, “No. I want to be done.”

It’s been quite a while since a workout has gone so thoroughly sideways. But I’m not upset. Here’s why.

I met with a friend who hasn’t seen me in person in years. The last time he saw me, I was at my all time high weight of 280 pounds. We’re connected online via Facebook and he’s seen what I’ve been up to. So he’s seen the changes over the last couple of years. We got together to catch up and talk a bit about making the decision to get healthy.

Over the course of the conversation he said to me, “you obviously look great. You’ve shed this weight. Tell me honestly, how has it changed your life?”

I looked him in the eye and said, “I can not overstate how much better EVERY THING is. There’s NO part of my life that isn’t better for having shed the weight. None.”

And it’s true. No drama. No exaggeration. Every part of my life is better now on a scale that can sometimes be difficult to quantify. And it’s important that I keep that top of mind. On days like today, I’ve got to stop and remind myself there was a time when I had to stop and catch my breath between tying my left and right shoes because my gut was in the way. When I remember that, then it’s not hard at all to accept that ok today didn’t go too well, but a lot of work still got accomplished.

So, I’ll get to bed earlier tonight. I’m eating cleaner today. I’ll spend a whole lot more time with my lacrosse ball and foam roller. Tomorrow I’ll get up at 5:15, put on a pair of funky shorts and hustle on out to do it again. And I’ll do it all with a smile and a grateful spirit.