I think I inadvertently invented a new crossfit exercise this afternoon.If it’s not a new event, it was certainly a new personal best.

Run 800 M
Run 400M backwards
Run 800M
Run 400M backwards

This is a benchmark WOD that CFD did on Wednesday. I missed it as that’s my regularly scheduled rest day and I really needed it. Still I was curious to know how I might do and I needed something for our Sunday Family WOD with our friends Jess and James. So I made up my mind that this is what I would attempt.

CFD set a time cap of 18 minutes on Wednesday. In checking the white board on Thursday, I saw that some friends who I frequently train with came in any where between mid 12 to mid 13 minutes ranges. As we were driving over, I told Erin I expected to be able to finish in the 14-15 minute range.

I had a distinct advantage over my friends. The 400M course at Crossfit Durham is not level and it’s a city sidewalk with all of the cracks, inconsistencies and irregularities you would expect of a city street. I was running on a newly surfaced flat high school track.

My goal was to keep the forward 400s at around 2 minutes. I figured 4 laps total at around 8 minutes meant I could do the backward 400s at 3 to 3 and a half minutes and that would bring me in under 15 minutes.

I know the first 400 forward was fast. It came in at around 1:40. I lost track of the others. But when it was all said and done, I completed the full mile and a half in 14:06. First time I’ve done this WOD, so that’s a PR, I guess. I’m mostly satisfied with that. But I’d like another shot at it knowing that sub-14 should be very attainable.

I was stunned at the pain through my hips and glutes when I completed the first 400M backward run and turned to go straight into the second forward 800. Everything from my navel to my knees clenched for a stride or two. I literally cried out and almost stumbled.

I refused to give in though because while we were all out there working there was an older gentlemen, unquestionably well beyond standard retirement age, out on the track doing laps wearing a weight vest! Thought to myself, “well if he’s out here today, I have no excuses and can’t whine. Keep going.”

Later this afternoon I was mowing the lawn and came across a copperhead in the yard. It was dispatched swiftly and I continued to mow. But it made a bigger impression than I realized.

I lost count of how many times I had to restart the mower. Every time something brown (a twig, a fallen branch, a dog turd) wiggled up from under the front wheel of the mower I released my grip on the safety bar and stepped back. Then it happened. I invented the reverse broad jump.

I had just resarted the mower for the umpty-bazillionth time started forward and this little joker sprung up out of the high grass trying to scurry to safety.


back yard bunny

“Copperhead’s Revenge” gave me a heart attack this afternoon.

I’ve never seen a reverse broad jump integrated into a workout, but I promise you that’s exactly what I did and I set a personal record of 4′ 6″ when that blur of brown bounded up out of the high grass! Once I recovered my heart rate, I was able to complete mowing the lawn without further instance. I’m categorizing the whole event as the “copperhead’s revenge.”

Editor’s note: WordPress tells me this is the 450th post on this blog. Seems like I should have something more profound to relay, but I don’t. So all I want to say, is if you’re reading this now and have ever found a smile, or a bit of inspiration in reading any of the previous 449 stories than I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. And to anyone who is or has read a story or two here, a sincere, “Thank you.”