Sunday’s half mile of running backwards definitely caught up with me on Tuesday. So what’s a boy to do? Go out and run some more, of course.

EMOM for 4 minutes:
1st Position Snatch Pull + 1st Position Snatch
Then go directly into EMOM 4 minutes:
2nd Position Snatch Pull + 2nd Position Snatch
Use 50% of Snatch1RM

These were done at 80# which was the assigned weight. There’s no denying the first two rounds were all power snatches. My calves were TIGHT from Sunday’s Griff with it’s 800Ms of backwards running. Plus I was just generally tight given Tuesday was third workout day in a row. Springing up and extending up onto my toes at the top of the lift really hurt in the calves. They still haven’t forgiven me. They kept barking at me, “You want to do what? Yeah, didn’t think so, big boy.”

After about the third round though the drops got faster and the squats deeper. Starting a lift from the second position, below the knees but weight not on the floor, never feels right to me. It’s just because it’s so unfamiliar. I never know whether to start from the floor and pause at the second position on the way up, or should I stand and then work my way down to the second position. If there was a preference, I’m sure Coach Rachel told us, but I spaced it. I probably did some of each over the course of the morning.

Back Squat
5 reps @45% 130#
5 reps @55% 160#
3 reps @65% 190#
3 sets of 4 reps @75% 1RM 220#

Squats felt good.Definitely got bent over a bit in the 75% rounds. Tried to straighten that up when I felt it.

I was working in my Inov-8’s and Rachel asked me if I’d ditched the lifting shoes again. If you’ve read here before you know that my feet and I have had some issues in the past. It was nothing that dramatic this day. I told her the truth. “Nah. Just lazy. Don’t feel like changing shoes back and forth.” Pleased to say that I don’t think the shoes or my feet were an issue Tuesday. They were screwed into the floor and didn’t roll on me. so that was cool.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
Run 400m
16 Walking Lunges
12 Abmat Situps
8 Pullups

At one point, I was thinking I might be able to complete 5 rounds of this METCON. Then I reworked the math. If I ran 5  400’s at 2 minutes each (and given the way my legs felt that was going to be a challenge), then that was 10 minutes of time elapsed leaving only 5 minutes to get through all the other work 5 times. Suddenly, I wasn’t even sure I was going to get through 3 rounds.

In the end, I split the difference. Finished 4 rounds even Rx with about 3 seconds to spare. That was pretty satisfying. I would have had a lousy attitude if I failed to complete that 4th round.

Runs were all near 2 minutes, but not all of them were under the mark. All lunges and situps were done unbroken. Running and walking lunges were not much fun with calves all locked up. Somewhere around the third round they finally seemed to accept that I wasn’t quitting and they’d better relax and get with the program. Pull ups were all done in sets of 4.

Things have gotten kind of unpredictable and jumpy lately. It’s why I didn’t post this yesterday after the WOD. Nothing wrong, just…fluid. I find it amusing that at the moment, I look to the gym and the chaos we endure there as my peace of mind time.

From Deep Left Field: I almost didn’t write this post. Things have been busy and I thought, “Meh. No one will miss out, if I miss a post. But then I got a quick note tonight that reminded me why I write. Every now and then, I’m blessed enough to get a message where some one tells me that I’m an inspiration and they’re now taking up CrossFit or some other activity to get fit. Man, that does my heart good. It’s remarkably humbling and flattering. And it absolutely tickles me to hear that someone has looked at what I’ve done and decided, “if he can do it, then why not me?” I’ve said that all along. That’s a big part of why I tell these stories. If some one reads this and makes the choice, “that’s it. Paul’s doing it. I’m going to do it. Today is the day I make the choice to get in motion,” then that’s about the best reason of all I can think of to continue to tell the tales.