I’ve been waiting a long time to take a shot at the Jerk. I wasn’t going to squander the opportunity today.

WOD for Monday 072213
3 sets @60% of max reps

Not much to talk about here. I did 3 sets of 4 reps. My focus here was going deep as possible and keeping a good hollow body position.

Coach Rachel noticed on my last set and commented how good they looked. That felt pretty good and set the stage for the rest of the morning.

Push/Split Jerk
1 rep @60%
1 rep @70%
1 rep @80%
1 rep @85%
1 rep @90%
1 rep @95%
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

I shared a rack with Craig and a new guy who’s name, I am really embarrassed to say has escaped me. I know. That’s awful. In my defense, there were half a dozen maybe 8 new faces in the gym this morning and I made a point of introducing myself to all of them. But it seems name retention was not part of the prescribed workout for me this morning. Sorry, New Guy. I’ll try harder tomorrow. Any hoo.

My last recorded 1RM for a Jerk (push) was 200#. That was last September! I came in to today bound and determined to best that and I was convinced I should be able to pass it substantially. We’re not even going to talk about warm up lifts.

First attempt of the morning – 205# Bang! Up it went. I told the guys, “Well, that’s a PR right there. It’s already a good day.”

Second lift – 215# Missed it. But knew perfectly well that I could get it on the next go around.

Third Lift – 215# Second attempt – Up it went. No press out. The guys were laughing at me because I barely flexed my knees during the drop and catch. So now I have a 15# PR ready to go on the board.

Fourth lift (yes, I know we were only supposed to take 3, but we were rolling!) 225# – As I approached the bar I said, “All right. Now we’re just getting reckless. Let’s have some fun.” Straight up. Definitely got deeper this time, but not as deep as I could have.

The guys were laughing at me again. They just shook their heads at the thought that I did a 225# push jerk. Craig was busting my jobs and told me, “if you ever figure out the split jerk, maybe you’ll put up some big numbers.”

What can I say? I prefer to keep my feet directly underneath me.

A 25# PR? That’s a good Monday. I made sure to ring that one in on the CFD PR bell.

6 Minutes (12 rounds) Alternating Tabata Intervals:
Air Squat

I didn’t have a numeric goal in mind for either. I was committed to doing 20 sec set of work unbroken. I also determined I would need to at least match my first round scores across all sets. I got 6 burpees and 14 air squats from start to finish for a total score of 120 reps. Very satisfied with that.

I’m looking forward to the Crossfit Games starting this week. Honestly, I’m planning on staying more in tune with the Master’s division than the Open events. All of the events for the Master’s divisions were published and of course I had to see what was involved.

While I’m in no position to be competitive, I do take a small measure of pride in the fact that of all of the events/exercises posted, the only exercise that I’m currently unable to complete are the 30 handstand push ups which are part of the “push, drag, pull WOD set for Tuesday. Everything else that’s programmed, I could do.

Much of it would SUCK! And like I said, I know I wouldn’t be competitive at any level, but I could do  the work. That alone is a pretty cool feeling compared to watching my first games two years ago and just thinking that everyone in the arena was simply superhuman (well, they kinda are, but you get my point).  Long way to go, but everyday we go one step further.