Today was one of those days where I wanted to see just how far I could take it. I got way outside my comfort zone…and it seems like folks noticed.

L-Sit Drill:
1 Warmup Round: Hold L-Sit for 40% of max hold
Rest 1 minute

Then 4 Rounds:
Hold L-sit for 60% of max hold
Rest 1 minute between rounds

I did an L-sit! A very brief L-sit (about 12 or so seconds), but it was legit! Legs were extended, feet off the ground, Mike Brown as my witness, as we shared a pair of parallettes. That’s another first. Like box jumps, this is another one of those maneuvers that I refer to as an expression of motion that I’ve never been able to do before. Kind of cool.

It was just one of those things. I was curious and it turns out, when I’m fresh, I can do it. Once.

I wasn’t able to replicate it, but I’m good ith that. The four rounds at 60% were all tuck sits, which means I held them around 30 seconds each.

4 singles @60% – 120#
4 singles @65% -130#
4 singles @70% 1RM -140#

Not much news here. They felt ok. A bit rusty after yesterday’s work, but not bad. All except for that one rep that I caught on the throat. I missed that rep and had to redo it. Ah well. It happens.

AMRAP 18 Minutes:
Row 250m
30 Double Unders
15 Russian KB Swings (70/52)
5 Ring Rows

With the double unders and ring rows, this WOD was going to be spectacular. Either a spectacular success or a down in flames, hard to watch sort of spectacular catastrophe.

I elected to go Rx using the 70#KB and setting the rings above a 30″ box to allow for full arm extension. My only goal this morning was “find the red line and stay near it, but not over it.”

“Red lining” means you find that place where you’re really working at maximum capacity to the point of near exhaustion. Why would I do this? I just wanted to see if I could find that line and maintain it over the course of a relatively long WOD.

Rows went well. I didn’t record or particularly remember times. Double unders were pretty good today. More than once I had runs over twenty reps and some over 10. There were still plenty of sets of 5, 3, and 2 reps to fill in the gaps. I was pleased to find that as the METCON wore on and my pace slowed down some, the double under runs got longer. Oh yeah, that’s what they mean when they say, “slower is faster.”

Kettlebell swings were fine. Tough, but uneventful. Two rounds unbroken. Two rounds of 10 and 5 reps. Ring rows were better than anticipated! I think that’s because I overthought them. Prior to the workout I had it in my mind that we needed to do 15 rows per round. I was thinking to myself, “Ah well. That’s where all the time will go. Just do three sets of 5 reps each round.” When Coach Rachel confirmed the correct count, I was so relieved that they didn’t really bother me too much.

In the end I completed 4 full rounds, a 5th round of double unders, + 2 kettlebell swings. I collapsed when Rachel called time.

I just stayed there kneeling on the floor head resting on the box for a while. Eventually, I cleaned up after myself to make way for the next group. I must have looked really ragged. Rachel and several other people came by over the course of the next few minutes to say, “Great job. You ok?” I consider that the mark of a good effort.

Did I red line it? Maybe not. We’ll call it “code orange”. I know there wasn’t much more to give to that WOD. The edges of my vision were starting to get fuzzy at a couple of stages and I had to rest more than I wanted to in order to bring things back into sharp focus. It’s about where I intended to be.  Felt good to really air one out.

Of course, I write this as if it’s all dramatic. I’m keeping an eye on the Master’s Division Crossfit competitions today. I watched men 12-17 years older than me complete the benchmark WOD “Nancy” with times around 15 minutes. Last time I did that WOD 6 weeks ago, it took me 17:45. I know we don’t compete against anyone but ourselves, but it’s also important to have perspective.