Mondays are usually very good days, not so much today. Came into the gym with a case of the ‘don wannas.’ You know, “I don’ wanna do that lift. I don’ wanna use that equipment.” Basically whiny. I tried to fight them off, but it was a mixed bag.

6 Rounds:
1st position Clean and Jerk
Rest 1 minute between rounds
Use 40% of CJ 1RM for rounds 1-3 – 90#
Increase to 50% for rounds 4-6 – 100#

These went ok. I need to remember when working at light weights to pop up out of the clean explosively to give the bar a bit of pop to reset my hands. Not a big deal at these percentages, but when the bar gets heavier, I’m either stuck at the top of the clean with a heavy bar resting on my fingertips which is difficult to jerk. Or I’m going to get in the habit of just trying to jerk it from that fingertip position and that won’t end well.

Snatch Grip Deadlift
5 reps @50% – 170
5 reps @65% – 220
3 reps @80% – 270
2 reps @90% – 300
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

I wasn’t really jazzed for this lift. I was much more interested in testing my 1RM Overhead Squat and had it in my head that that’s what I would do during this portion of the work out. I discussed that with Coach Rachel and she pointed out that we’d be testing that lift next Monday. With that information I elected to do the deadlifts, but I wasn’t overly excited about it.

The snatch grip deadlift makes me nervous. Specifically, returning the barbell to the floor worries me. For what ever reason when I’m trying to put the bar back down it feels like I’m getting pulled way forward and I worry about shredding my back. The right answer of course is to practice it more and make my technique better, but it wasn’t a very appealing idea today.

Lifts were all done at the weights assigned and described above. For the 3 attempts at the 1RM I lifted 305 and 310 twice. I dropped at least one of those at the top of the lift. That weight is about 80% of my standard dead lift 1RM. I’ll take it. I was not pleased to rip open the callous at the base of my right hand pinkie on the last lift of the morning. Fortunately, some friends had tape so I could wrap it before going into the METCON.

10-8-6-4-2 Reps For Time:
Toes To Bar
Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
Time Cap = 6 minutes

The round of 6 ate me up. The rounds of 10 and 8 went ok, but when I returned to the bar for the round of 6, I fell apart at 4 reps. Lost my rhythm or what, I don’t know. I found myself just flapping in the wind. I could not synchronize my body to curl up and get my toes between my hands. I got stubborn and refused to drop from the bar with two reps left. That means I wasted a lot of time flopping around like a fish dangling from a hook. I finally dropped, chalked the hands, relaxed and got the last two reps. Then I proceeded to miss the 4th burpee box jump! Blargh!

Missed completing the METCON in the 6 minutes alloted, but I’d made my mind up that I WOULD complete it. I finished the last burpee box jump at 6:26. Last person to complete the WOD. Just one of those days I guess.

Some additional CrossFit Games thoughts.

-) Some time last week I said that aside from the 30 handstand push ups in one of the first events of the Master’s competition, I could complete all of the assigned work. After watching the 20 reps (10 each arm) of 70# dumb bell snatches, I’m not so certain. That looked ROUGH!

-) None of the women I was pulling for in the Open competition were on the podium. I don’t think any of them finished inside the top 10. Still, Lil Bit, Erin and I had a blast watching the women complete the final event of the competition.

My 4yo daughter was so inspired she grabbed the window dowl and marched around the room doing walking lunges. She wanted to try handstand push ups, but Mama and I were both too engrossed in the competition to spot her.

-) I think some year I would like to be a spectator at the games, just to feel the environment in person.