It’s the little things that add up and have an impact on your lifts, right? Like putting all the plates on the same barbell.

3 sets @60% of max reps

2 sets of 4 reps focusing on dipping deeply as possible. Shoulders were well below parallel.
1 set of 5 reps – same standard. Felt better than expected.

Push/Split Jerk
4 singles @60% – 135#
4 singles @65% – 145#
4 singles @70% 1RM – 155#

So I got a bit disoriented this morning. If you’ve never read here before, I work out with the Crossfit Durham 6:15 am crew. Which means 4 days a week I’m up by 5:15 to get myself in order and to get to the gym. Things outside the gym are busy and it’s possible I’m not getting quite enough sleep at night. It’s probably fair to say that my focus is not exactly laser like at this point in the day.  Today was a prime example.

My intent was to warm up with a set of 115# split jerks. Doing split jerks means we place the bar in a rack about chest high so you don’t have to lift the bar off the floor for every rep. Well, I picked a rack next to my buddy Nat. I set my bar in the hooks and left to go get plates. I returned to my bar with 2 35# plates. I put one on the right hand side of the bar. Bent down rolled the other plate to the left side of the bar mounted the plate and affixed a safety clip.

At that point I thought to myself, “Did I clip on the right side?” I checked. Nope, no clip. So I slipped a clip on on the right side of the bar. I moved into position under the bar and stood up to rack it on my chest. I almost had my teeth rearranged as I nearly lost the bar when it tried to crash to the floor to my left. “What the HELL?” I stabilized it. Repositioned it in the rack and stepped back to figure out what was wrong.

That’s when I realized I only had a plate on the left hand side of the bar. I was dumbfounded. Where the hell had the second plate gone? I very clearly recalled JUST mounting the first plate on the right end of the bar. Nat, through some well deserved laughter, had to walk me through what I’d done.

I put plates on opposite ends of neighboring bars and even went so far as to put a safetly clip on one empty end of the bar! Oy. Some days the biggest accomplishment is just surviving in spite of myself. Hazards of working out at 6 am, I guess.

AMRAP 15 minutes:
6 Pullups
8 Push Press (60% 1RM)
10 Air Squats

After ripping open a callous yesterday, I really wasn’t looking forward to this METCON. The idea of pull ups was not appealing at all. Pleased to say that some judicious use of athletic tape and chalk prevented doing any further damage. But the pull ups were slower than I would have liked. First couple rounds were done unbroken. About 10 or so minutes into the WOD I was concerned I would have to give up Rx and go to jumping pull ups. But that didn’t happen.

All push press (done at 115) and air squats were done unbroken.

Finished 8 rounds and one pull up I believe. The entire room hit the floor when this one was done. Wiped out~!

So confession time what’s your “What the hell was I thinking” moment? I don’t mean that suffering through the WOD, “why do I do this?” I mean what’s your biggest in box gaffe? Anyone brave enough to share?