Another one of those days where a bit of shared energy went a long way for everyone. Was glad that it was the type of day where I could feed some one else some energy

EMOM for 8 minutes:
Clean DL
Clean Pull
Use 50% of Clean 1RM – done at 95# as prescribed.

The only thing notable here is that it took me two rounds to get the clean pull right. The first round was just a standing power clean into the rack position. I realized my mistake and just moved onto the full squat clean. Coach Rachel saw my mistake and we shared a smile over it.

Second time through when it was time for the pull I yanked, started to drop, remembered that it was just a pull, then stood back up in some sort of bizarre barbell shuffle. It was just ugly.

I’ve often said I don’t like the pulls for various lifts. I get why they’re useful. My brain and my body have a real tough time reconciling lifting a weight only part way. If I’m gonna lift it at all, I naturally want to lift it all the way.

Ah well. Attention to detail.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (video)
5 reps @45% 155
5 reps @55% 185
3 reps @65% 225
3 sets of 4 reps @75% 1RM 255

Shared a bar with Nat and Brian today and we moved through these lifts quickly. By the third round of 4 my grip was failing. I couldn’t maintain a hook grip for 4 reps. I was barely holding onto the bar, but there were no drops.

4 Rounds:
20 (10/10) one-legged KB DLs (52/35)
15 Goblet squats
10 (5/5) KB snatches
Run 200m
Time cap = 15 minutes

This was an aggressive METCON. I liked it a lot. At first, I thought I was going to have to scale significantly. I warmed up trying some left handed (weak side) KB snatches and was disappointed at how heavy the kettle bell felt. I knew there was no way I’d get through 5 rounds with that weight. When I realized that I was attempting to snatch a 62# KB, instead of the prescribed 52#, my attitude improved dramatically. I switched out kettle bells right quick!

As we got started Allison asked Rachel if she would keep the clock running even if we didn’t complete the work in the assigned time frame. Rachel agreed and let everyone know that it was the individual’s choice whether they go to completion or not. At the outset, I wasn’t sure what I would do.

After the very first round, it was obvious I wouldn’t finish all 5 rounds. First round alone took roughly 3:30 and I knew I sure wasn’t going to get any faster. Kind of decided “well, let’s churn it out and see what happens.”

Somewhere around 10 minutes I decided, “OK. If you’re into the 5th round when time runs out, then you have to see it through to the end.”

When Rachel announced the cap had expired, I was through 4 rounds and 8 KB Deadlifts. Most everyone continued to work, so I kept moving too.

I had been keeping an eye on Nat all through the WOD and I could tell in the last round I was a rep or two behind him. I also noticed when he completed the goblet squats he set his KB down and I inferred from the look on his face he was having serious doubts about picking it up again for the snatches. I was just transitioning into the snatches myself, so I called out to him across the gym and said, “C’mon, Nat. Here we go!”

Just wanted him to see that he wasn’t alone and to loan him some motivation if he needed it. He picked up his KB. We went to work and went out the door together for the final 200M.

We chugged through the last 200M run together and crossed the line at 18:09. It felt really good to be able to provide a spark for some one else today.

In other news, it sounds like a Crossfit Kids program is under development at Crossfit Durham. I don’t think that’s classified. There’s been chatter about it on FB etc. That’s a really interesting development. I’d love to get my kids involved, if they have the interest. Beyond that, I’d love to be a part of coaching crossfit kids. It’s definitely a goal of mine. I’m not certain the timing is right for me at this stage, though.

If my kids get involved and stick with it, then it’s a no-brainer. I get certified as quickly as possible and coach at least part of the time when they’re training. If they’re not interested, then I’m not sure I’m prepared to coach other kids and potentially miss out on the things that my children are taking part in. So for now, it’s a wait and see. But it’s definitely an exciting prospect. I always have a blast coaching the kids’ seasonal sports teams and I feel like I could be a good kid’s coach. So we’ll see.