I’m pretty sure that my shoulders would be weeping openly right now, if they had the ability. Despite that, it was another fun day.
L-Sit Drill: 1 Warmup Round: Hold L-Sit for 40% of max hold Rest 1 minute

Then 4 Rounds: Hold L-sit for 60% of max hold Rest 1 minute between rounds
Choose a modification that allows for a “max hold” of 20-30 seconds.

I don’t have multiple rounds of L-sits that would satisfy the “max hold” criteria yet. So I did a 1RM Tuck Hold of 50 or so seconds on the first round, then attempted 30 second holds for the 4 subsequent rounds.

I got the first two rounds, but my shoulders were already screaming going into the last two rounds so I did 15 second holds on each of those.

3 singles @70% 135
3 singles @75% 140
2 singles @80% 150
2 singles @85% 160

Coach Erin tasked us with really working on pacing on today’s lifts. That is she wanted us to avoid just yanking the bar from the floor and trying to haul it up to the hips and into the clean in one ferocious move. She wanted us to move slowly through the first part of the lift, then be explosive from the second position to the hips and on through the lift.

Every coach who’s seen me do a clean for 2+ years now has told me this. I’ve really tried to execute it too. Today was the first day that felt like that element of the lift clicked. The idea of starting slow then accelerating later in the lift seems counter-intuitive to me. While I’ve tried to do as I’ve been told, I don’t think I’ve ever really executed it well.

Today I could actually feel the difference in my pace and the impact on my lifts. What has me concerned is how to make this transfer at even higher percentage weights. Just going to have to keep practicing I guess. Nice to feel this one come together today though. It’s been troubling me during other sessions.

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
8 Plyo Pushups onto plate (45/25)
OH Carry Down and Back (end to end of rig)
20 Air Squats

I completed this one Rx which was goal one. Goal two was to do all work sets unbroken. I allowed myself a few extra breaths as I transitioned between exercises, but once I started an exercise, I wanted to go unbroken. I almost accomplished that.

Late in each of the last two rounds of plyo push ups, I had to pause a bit and ensure my hands had landed in good positions for the next reps and I stalled a bit longer than strictly necessary to get them right.

Locking the 45# plate overhead to carry down the end of the pull up rig and back proved to be a real challenge the last two rounds as well.

When time expired I had completed 6 full rounds, a 7th set of plyo push ups and the carry. I was kind of disappointed at that at first. When the WOD was going on it seemed like people were just flying by me. A couple folks seemed to be just tearing through the work out. I know we don’t compete against others, but when the entire work out takes place inside the confines of the box and you see people shuttling back and forth what seems to be MUCH faster than you, it’s impossible not to notice. I just didn’t want to see my 6+ on the board surrounded by what I was sure would be several 9 or 10 rounds + scores.

Still, when I reported my score and took a look at the white board,my score was right in the range of most folks for the 6:15 session. There were several “6 rounds + something” on the board. One or two higher. One significantly higher! Way to go, young man! But for the most part, I was in the hunt.

This was a fun workout! There was something very amusing about scuttling back and forth across the gym holding a plate overhead. Although I didn’t run as some did. My pace was more of a crisp march. It was even more amusing watching others do it while I was doing other exercises. In my mind, this one definitely qualifies as a playground WOD and those are my favorites.

As I write this my shoulders feel well and truly smoked! I’m rolling them out every hour because as I sit at my desk working, I can feel them curling inward and hunching over. Even on the drive home from the workout, I could feel them rolling inward clenching tighter and tighter.