No one ever wants to hear a tearing sound at the bottom of a heavy back squat, but some are worse than others.

5 Rounds:
1st position Snatch
2nd position Snatch
Full Snatch
Rest 1 min between rounds
Use 50% of Snatch 1RM

Despite my own efforts and Coach Erin’s warm up drills it just took a while to get all the joints good and lubricated this morning. So snatches were really tough up until about the 4th round. What can you do? It happens from time to time.

Back Squat
5 reps @60% – 165
3 reps @70% – 195
3 reps @80% – 225
4 singles @90% 1RM 250

Back squats felt very good this morning. Feet were stable, depth was good. Everything was going according to expectations until somewhere in the 80% round.

All of the sudden I squatted down and I heard a disturbing tearing sound right in my inseam. My first reaction was, “Jesus. I hope that was my shorts, otherwise someone better call an ambulance!” Given there was no pain or burning, I decided that yes it must have been my shorts so the next thought that ran through my head was, “Hmmmm. Am I wearing compression shorts today?” Thankfully for everyone I was.

The loss of these shorts has hit me hard. Hard enough their destruction and the ensuing gloom overshadowwed the glee that I felt knowing that in addition to these shorts, I was wearing my purple shoes and brown and red (yes, you read that correctly) “whiskey” WOD socks. I was a spectacle.

I’m going to miss these shorts. I’m trying to come up with a suitable “retirement” ceremony for them. They’ve been through a lot. Just throwing them in the trash seems disrespectful.

You see the random stains right? Those are the result of a fabulous kid party we hosted earlier this Summer that involved body paint. On the upside, I’m now authorized to take Lil Bit shopping to find a replacement pair.

In 6 minutes complete almost as many reps as possible unbroken in each station (move to the next movement 3 reps short of failure):
Russian KB Swings (70/52)
Hand Release Pushups
Hollow Rocks

I did this one Rx and tried very hard to take Coach Erin’s direction of “just don’t stop” to heart. 6 minutes of constant motion without going to failure at any station on any round. I was able to achieve this with the exception of chalking my hands before kettle bell swings for the latest rounds.

Didn’t even need to chalk for pull ups because by the time we were into the 4th minute I jus wasn’t on the bar that long.

I lost count of reps by exercise and I kind of lost count of overall reps. I know that at the end of my last round of KB swings I was at 110 reps. In the end, I believe it was 132 reps, but it may have been 122. Score aside, I was pretty pleased with the effort and the results. Nice way to finish the week.