Big goings on this Saturday. So Thursday was a great opportunity to exercise discretion and caution. They’re important skills and definitely not ones where I normally excel. Thanks to Coaches Erin and Rachel for keeping an eye on me and making sure that I did so. It’s so helpful to have coaches who understand your big picture goals and help to contain your enthusiasm for what’s in front of you on any given day in order to avoid jeopardizing the larger goals.

ring dips – 3 sets of 80% max

I kept this light. I simply did three sets of 2 reps each. Normally I would push for 4 or 5 reps per set. These were low reps, but all of them were as deep as possible. Does that sound naughty to anyone else?

push/split jerk 1-1 85%

3 at 70% (Rx)
3 at 75%
2 at 80%
2 at 85%

Knowing that I’m taking part in CrossFit Durham’s CF Total event on Saturday, I consciously scaled all of today’s weights back.

I elected to do split jerks today and I used a scale of 50, 55, 60 and 65%. That translated to weight ranging from 80 to 105#. The early reps felt pretty good. Things got slippery later. I was landing with my back leg locked out in the late lifts. Coach Erin pointed it out and I tried a few times to correct it, but that left me off balance laterally. We’ll have to continue to work on it.

400 m run
40 reps of kettlebell swing at 70/52 lb
20 reps of power clean at 135/95 lb
200 m run 20 reps of kettlebell swing
10 reps of power clean
100 m run

I talked the METCON over with Rachel before the work for the day even started. She commented that she was surprised to see me knowing I was competing Saturday. I answered that I still wanted to do Thursday’s workout because I didn’t want to be idle for two days.

Her advice was immediate. “Then you need to scale this METCON heavily.” Before I could even offer a thought on how I was going to modify she added, “By at least half!” Thought to myself, “Huh. That sounded more like an order than a suggestion. I’d be smart to take it.” I did joke with her and say, “Ok. Sounds good. You’ll remind me of that later when my buddy’s come by and look at my gear and ask me if that’s all I’m lifting, right?” She promised that she would. I appreciated her being so direct, so I took her advice. I used 35# kettle bell for the swings and 75# (OK – a bit more than half, but I hate using the floppy 10# rubber plates.) for the power cleans. I got through this one pretty quickly – 7:52.

I monkeyed around with some pistols in between the jerks and the METCON. I’m not convinced I’m going to make my goal of 1 unassisted pistol on each leg by Labor Day, but we’ll see. I’ll stick with it.