When your friends know you well, then you have to plan things out carefully. As such, my friend Renee had an important question for me with regards to today’s METCON.

Skill: Deadhang Pullups

Establish a max set no more than 3 attempts

Didn’t have much energy for these today. Only got sets of 5, 5, and 4. My arms just felt totally laden hanging from the bar. More so than other days.


5 reps of bench press at 45 % – 105
5 reps of bench press at 55 % – 135
3 reps of bench press at 65 % – 155
3 sets of 4 reps of bench press at 75 % – 175

These felt good today. I’ll be looking forward to the next opportunity to test a 1RM.


15 minute AMRAP of:
200 m run
10 reps of sit-up (standard)
20 reps of double under

I elected to do this Level 1 variation on today’s METCON. The alternative involved a 400M run, 20 sit ups per round and 50 Double Unders.

The guidance from Coach Stephen was that “if you couldn’t complete the 50 DU’s in 3 sets or less, go with Level 1.” Based on my earlier warm ups, I wasn’t certain whether the double under gods were smiling on me or not, so Level 1 seemed appropriate.

As we were gathering our gear Renee asked me with a smile, “which way are you jumping, Paul?” I answered, “back towards the wall.” See, Renee has known me since the day I entered Crossfit Durham and she knows that when I get on a run of double unders I travel backwards. So while I know that for the most part she was ribbing me, it’s still a valid question.  The fact that I had already thought out the layout of the room and my orientation towards the other athletes and “mapped out my route” makes it even more amusing. The room had a good laugh over it all.

In terms of the METCON itself, runs felt good. It felt like I had a long comfortable gait all morning and I tried to concentrate on letting the downhill on the return work for me for a change, leaning forward with the decline rather than fight against it. Sit ups went unbroken each round.

The double under gods were feeling gracious. I had two runs of 20 unbroken double unders! There was one run of 16, and a run of 13 on other sets. And honestly, there was very litle travel. Both Renee and Nat noticed and commented that for the most part I stayed in one place today.

It was by no means perfect though. There was at least one set that started out a complete hot mess with several sets of 2 reps each before I calmed myself and settled in to some modest runs over 5.

On my last round I got back to the gym with less than a minute to complete the sit ups and DUs. I thought, “go for it.” I got through the sit ups quickly, grabbed my rope and went to work, I refused to look at the clock until I hit 15 reps unbroken. The time was 14:57. I got 3 more reps in and time expired! Damn! Just missed. Final score a respectible 6 rounds +28 reps. 

Total aside: I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve kind of enjoyed two days in a row of barbell free METCONs.