So I did it. I made the decision, based on a lot of valued input from trusted sources, to take some time off from the gym. I like to consider myself a fairly oberservant kind of guy and when 3 different coaches from the gym go out of their way to message you on FB and say, “Man, you need some time off,” I can take a hint. You hear the ‘clue phone’ ringing in the corner, right? Yeah, apparently that’d be for me. For once I answered. I’m clever like that.

I’m sitting out a week and a bit. Planning on heading back to the gym around September 9. Which means I’ll have significantly less to post about, I expect. Maybe I’ll find alternative topics. I mean I have a wife, kids, dog…there certainly is no shortage of stories to be told. So we’ll see. But I don’t expect to post with the same sort of frequency for now.

We’ll see how the down time goes by. I’m a bit twitchy today seeing FB posts of pictures of my friends going through today’s WOD. And I failed to realize that this hiatus will mean skipping a holiday Hero WOD. But I admit, it felt pretty damn good to roll over, look at the clock at 5:10 this morning and realize that the alarm was NOT going to go off in 10 minutes, but rather an hour and 50 minutes.

Still mulling over how I’m going to approach things when I go back. I’m still weighing a local CrossFit box tour and the merits/disadvantages of possibly going to a 3x a week schedule. The added wrinkle in all of this is that my wife is joining the gym and starting the Foundations course in September. Our family schedules won’t allow us to work out together day to day. I think it would be fun to hit the gym together every now and then on a weekend. Plus, I’d kind of like to pick up our ‘family WOD’ Sundays again. I think those were beneficial for everyone involved. All of the sudden, I’m back up to a minimum of 4 and possibly as many as 6 workouts a week. Oh well. Too early to sweat those details and borrow trouble.  For now, I’ll chill out.