Nothing spectacular today after a week off from the gym. It was just what I needed.

Complete 3 Rounds (not timed)
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
Use 60% 1RM – 75#

Snatches felt pretty good today after a week of no organized exercise or workouts. I probably should have run through the Burgener warm up with a bit more focus before we got rolling. Even with two quick rounds of that, and Coach Erin’s mobility and technique review dropping fast into a full squat was a bit of a challenge early on.

Of course, remembering when NOT to drop into a full squat proved to be a challenge too. At least once, I dropped into a full squat snatch when I was only required to do a power snatch and vice versa. I figure it’s all a wash in the end.

back squat 3-3-3 80%
5 reps of back squat at 50 % 145
3 reps of back squat at 60 % 175
3 reps of back squat at 70 % 205
3 sets of 3 reps of back squat at 80 % 235

All sets done at the prescribed weights. Joints all felt very good. Technique felt ok. Coach Erin observed an early round and instructed me to maintain a neutral neck and resist the tempation to crane my neck back and look up. That became my focus on the day. It was harder than it sounds. Picking that spot a few feet out on the floor and remaining focused on it took more concentration than I anticipated. All good. It kept me from obsessing over squat depth and my feet/legs.

run, double under, row – Level 1
800 m run
100 reps of double under
500 m row
time cap for 10 min
(Done in any order)

My plan going into this was to do the double unders first, then run, then row. I knew the double unders would be my weakness and I wanted to 1) get them out of the way and 2) do them while I was fresh and had the most body control. Trying to do them after an aggressive run or row (or both) seemed like a recipe for trouble.

But then all but one other person went out to do the run first. I started to second guess myself, but decided to stick to the plan.

Double Unders were unpredictable but not in a bad way. I had a couple runs over, at, or just under 20 reps. I had multiple rounds of: “1, 2, CRAP!” and all variations in between. I completed all 100 and was out the door by 2:25. Quite pleased with that. I was confident it would leave ample time to get the full METCON in.

The 800M was a little off my intended pace. I wanted to come in under 4 minutes. I walked in at 6:30, so 4:05. Close, but off. No big deal. Still plenty of time to row a 500.

It took some time getting settled, strapped in and rowing. I kept a determined but steady stroke count near 26 strokes/min. I completed the WOD Rx at 8:51. So for the first time in a while, I feel like I had a plan, stuck to it and by golly it worked. I didn’t record the row time precisely. Figure a bit less than 30 seconds to get in and get going. So say I started at the 7 min mark and a 1:50-ish for a 500? I’m satisfied with that. But I admit it’s all speculative.

I have to say all the folks that encouraged me to take the downtime were right. It was exactly what I needed. Big thanks to Gregg, Dave, Tripp, Beth, Doug, Renee and everyone else who said, “take a break of at least a week, and come back raring to go.” Beyond this individual week off, I’m thinking that folks are right and I should plan in an off week every few months.

As for my day to day schedule, for now I plan to stick to my old Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri weekday schedule. Not sure what I’m doing about weekends yet. I do still want and intend to visit some other boxes in the area. Gonna have to see about that.

I said earlier that nothing spectacular may have been exactly what I needed and I stand by that. If something overly dramatic positive or negative happened today, it would have set my head spinning in who knows what direction. Having a solid day with an earnest effort and a positive result has me feeling confident and playful again. Let’s face it. When Pandora is playing Willie Nelsons’s “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys,” I can’t help but chuckle and there are limits to how much aggression and intensity I can muster. That’s not a bad thing some times.