What fun today! Working out with friends. Having some laughs and generally getting ready for the weekend.

Skill: Deadhang Pullups 3 sets of 6 reps
So yeah, on the best of days 6 reps would likely be my one set max of strict deadhangs. So I did ring rows with feet elevated on a 12″ box and rings elevated so that I was lowering myself parallel to the ground with arms fully extended. I need more work on these.

5 reps of bench press at 55 % 135
3 reps of bench press at 65 % 155
3 reps of bench press at 75 % 175
3 sets of 2 reps of bench press at 85 % 200

Shared a bench with Brian today. He’s going to smoke the bench press the next time 1RM day comes around. He was throwing the 200# up and down.

I did well enough with it. I need to pay more attention to bar path though. Seemed like I was pushing the bar out and up on some weird sort of arc.

4 rounds of:
1 rep of squat clean at 65 %
1 rep of front squat
1 rep of shoulder-to-overhead
1 rep of back squat
1 rep of shoulder-to-overhead
1 rep of hang power clean
rest for 45 sec

This one got inside people’s heads before we even started. There was lots of chatter about all the different ways this one was going to suck. I admit. It had me intimidated.

By the numbers, Rx would have been 4 rounds at 125#, which is where I initially set the bar. I did a practice round and decided to scale back to 115#.

The thing that concerned me about what weight to use was the shoulder to overhead, back squat, shoulder to overhead sequence. I was skeptical about how much weight I’d be able to control safely lowering the bar from overhead to my back. Also, we do very little behind the head shoulder to overhead work (but it’s been in the system some of late). I really wasn’t sure what I’d be able to do there. Better safe than sorry.

Two rounds into it though, I added the 10# back on. So two rounds at 115# and two rounds at 125#.

The entire group finished so early many of us changed shoes and went out for a run together. That was very cool. It was a gorgeous morning for an 800M jaunt around the neighborhood with friends.

Why was it the funkiest Friday yet? Because for the first time my friend Renee took part in our funky shorts Friday by donning a pair of white and gray striped workout pants. Not so funky you say? Well consider this. For the 2+ years I’ve known her, I’ve only known Renee to wear black or charcoal gray pants. So this was a big departure from the norm. And it absolutely tickles me to have her in the game. Now we’ve just got to get her to take part in the upcoming theme funky Fridays!

Although I might have goofed by not making a big enough deal of it initially. I noticed immediately that Renee wasn’t in her usual attire, but I didn’t want to cause a scene, or say anything out of place. So for once I kept my comments to myself.  After a few minute of individual stretching, Renee mentioned, “didn’t you notice?” I assured her I absolutely did. Thanks for playing, Renee!

I also have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with my wife Erin this week as she’s discovering the victories, challenges and quirks of CrossFit as she started her Foundations course! So proud of her for joining in the madness and relieved that she’s so excited about the prospect of taking part. My biggest concern was that she would start foundations and have a reaction of, ‘yeah, it’s ok.’ Rest assured she’s got the bug. Her only criticism of the first two classes is that she hasn’t gotten to handle a barbell yet. I’d say she’s got the fever.