That’s right. I’m thinking I may start recording some of my lifts. That may or may not have a happy ending. Remains to be seen.

Complete 3 Rounds (not timed)
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Clean
1 Power Clean
1 Clean
Use 60% 1RM – 125#

Cleans felt good today. The body felt loose so dropping quickly was smooth right from the start. Landed forward a couple of times, but not too concerned about that. Just need to watch.


deadlift 1RM
5 reps of deadlift at 50 % – 195
5 reps of deadlift at 65 % – 250
3 reps of deadlift at 80 % – 315
2 reps of deadlift at 90 % – 345 (1x)
1 rep of 1R m deadlift (3 attempts)

First 1RM attempt was at 370#. It felt really correct. Thought I kept my weight back appropriately. Pushed through the legs, glutes etc, then stood it up and extended the hips. It felt right.

From there I jumped to 390# and with a bit more than a week off from the gym and was pretty confident about going after 5# over my current 1RM and PR. Simply did not happen.

First attempt I got it off the floor, maybe higher than my shoe tops and then I was done.

The second attempt, Renee let me borrow her weight belt. That was a whole new experience and may have been a tactical error on my part. I didn’t even get the bar off the floor. It was so unfamiliar and I was so caught off guard by the feeling of how my midsection resisted and pressed against the belt that I was completely distracted from every other aspect of the lift. The bar never left the floor.

My initial reaction was, “I really didn’t like the way that felt with the belt on and that’s disappointing because mine is supposed to arrive today.”

Thinking it over though, I’m realizing that I probably gained some good intelligence from that lift.

I always thought/assumed that I’ve been keeping my core tight on heavy deadlifts, but it’s obvious from that one lift with the weight belt that I was mistaken. As soon as I started that lift I felt everything above the belt just collapse into and over the top edge of the belt. My abdomen was pressing out against the belt form the inside. Seems to me I’ve got some remedial work to do.

Lifting with the belt will definitely take some practice and getting used to.

I might video some of my lifts. I want to see how I set up and see with my own eyes what moves in what order. I believe I’m doing things right, but I just don’t know. We’ll have to see. I never thought I’d take this stuff seriously enough that I’d want to analyze video. I also recognize that this kind of contradicts my whole, “let’s take things as they come and relax about the PR’s” mindset that I’m trying to embrace.

The reality is I’m just curious. I’m not worked up about it the way I was before. I just want to know. I’ve been sitting on 385 a LONG time. I know I’ve gotten stronger in almost every aspect. So I have to believe that I’m doing something wrong at the very high end of the spectrum that I haven’t put my finger on.
Level 1
Every minute on the minute (for 6 min):
3 reps of handstand push-up – piked on a 30″ box
6 reps of pistols (alternating) – holding onto pull up rig support
max reps of burpee

Score for this WOD was total number of burpees accumulated.

I may have scaled this too aggressively today. I think I should have chosen a more challenging scale for either the HSPU’s or the Pistols.

Feel like if I had picked one of those two exercises and scaled them up a bit further, either by piking the HSPUs off the wall to get more vertical, or perhaps using a band or ring strap for support on the pistols I might have gotten more out of it.

In my mind, those are always two of the toughest exercises to scale. Scale too much and I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself enough to get better at them. Don’t scale enough and they can eat up an entire WOD on me and frustrate me.

Of course I say all this and one might infer that I was flying through these and spent all morning doing burpees. That’s not really the case. My final score was 30 total burpees across 6 rounds.

On a side note: my weight belt did arrive this morning. In this box.

weight belt

That’s a lot of box for a 36″ belt!

While I appreciate the vendor’s effort to demonstrate this was a new belt, never been folded, never been bent. I would have gladly accepted it rolled up, if it meant using a smaller box. This was overkill. 😉