So had a shot to do one of the Open WODs again today. Curious result.

EMOM for 8 minutes:
1 Snatch Balance
2 Sots Press
Finish the Overhead Squat
Use 30% of Snatch 1RM – 65# (40% of 1RM)

The Sots presses were the toughest part of this rotation. I underestimated how tough it would feel to press 65# out from the shoulders to overhead while squatting! Still, form felt pretty good. Had to really concentrate on staying back in the heels during those presses. So wanted to ride up on the balls of my feet.

5 reps of back squat at 55 % 160#
3 reps of back squat at 65 % 190#
3 reps of back squat at 75 % 220#
3 sets of 2 reps of back squat at 85 % 250#

Weights were all at prescribed percentages, based on 1RM of 295.

Warm up sets felt good. I recorded all sets. I like having the immediate feedback reviewing the video and assess what went on. In general terms with this lift, it looks to me like I need to focus on keeping my upper body more upright at heavy weights. I didn’t realize I fold so much when I descend. Depth looks good though, so I’m pleased with that.

On a more specific level I was pretty sure I felt my knees turning in during the first round of 250# and confirmed it watching the tape. I was able to pay attention to that on the subsequent sets.

Crossfit Games Open 13.2
10 minute AMRAP of:
5 reps of shoulder-to-overhead at 115/75 lb
10 reps of deadlift at 115/75 lb
15 reps of 24/20 in box jump

I was psyched to retest this METCON. Well, sort of. Eventually. When I saw the Title of the WOD posted online, 13.2, I had it in my head that we’d be redoing the 17 minutes burpee/snatch hell that is 13.1. I was not amused or enthused. Once I read the WOD and realized I was mistaken, I was highly motivated.

I deliberately did not go back and look at my April score. I wanted to do it again with no expectations.

The shoulder to overheads were the tricky element for me today. I wasn’t expecting that. Lack of focus I think. I was deciding almost rep by rep what type of shoulder to overhead to use. I should have picked one for the entire WOD, or at least each round and stuck with it. I could have done these more efficiently.

Deadlifts were not really an issue. I was pleased that about 7 minutes in Coach Erin came by and noted that my deadlift form still looked very good.

I did step ups all the way through. Per the Open standard that was acceptable and I say, “take what they give ya.” I found it to be a real energy saver the first time through. It was overall faster because I could stay in constant motion as opposed to resetting after each jump.

I was pleased that all sets went unbroken. I was in constant motion.

When the 10 minutes had expired, I’d done 6 full rounds + 5 shoulder to overhead + 9 deadlifts. Final score 194.

I checked the blog when I got home and discovered that during the Open I scored a 210.

Of course I would have liked to have improved, but really, I have no heartburn with today’s score. I was in a different mindset today. I didn’t create the same sense of urgency today that I had while competing among all the other athletes the day we tested for the Open. I just didn’t have or manufacture that same nervous energy. Plus, we didn’t do heavy back squats the day of the Open. I’m not using that as an excuse, but it’s a fact that some energy got eaten up there.

All in all good day. As I get more savvy with the Coach’s Eye App I’m using, perhaps I’ll share vids or pics. We’ll see.