It can’t be overstated how much I enjoy hanging out and working out with these people. Here’s why.

I get these goofy ideas from time to time. Funky short Fridays are a prime example. There’s no logical reason to dress differently on Friday for a workout. Yet a number of folks have embraced it.

Today we went one step further. It was a themed Funky Friday. Today’s theme was: the 80’s! Here’s a glimpse of the primary players. The ladies get big props for locating and wearing leg warmers, but in my mind, Mr. “Bo Knows” take s the day. You can’t vote against a guy bold enough to wear a neon yellow fanny pack! As you can see, I opted for the preppy look.

80's day at Crossfit Durham

Look at these lunatics! Love ’em!

I was so impressed and kind of tickled that so many folks jumped on the idea and dressed accordingly. More than one person approached me and asked if we’ll do this again so they can participate next time! That’s just awesome! Rest assured we will!

Coach Erin was gracious enough to run an 80’s station on Pandora for the morning and the mood was set.

Even the folks who didn’t dress up seemed to appreciate the zaniness of it all. There were lots of smiles and laughter all over the place this morning.

Deadhang Pullups
4 sets of 8

Substituted ring rows – They were fine.


5 reps of bench press at 60 % – 140
3 reps of bench press at 70 % – 165
3 reps of bench press at 80 % 190
4 singles of bench press at 90 % -210

Brian and I shared a bench today. We worked quickly through the warm up sets and each knocked out 2 singles at 210#.

After the second one I mentioned that I was really looking forward to testing for a new 1RM on this lift. So Brian and I conferred and decided that we’d use the last two lifts for that purpose.

My current 1RM is 235. It was an aggressive jump, but I went straight to 240 and hit it! With one lift remaining, I went after 250#. It was really close, but I needed help to finish it out. Still a 5# PR is very satisfying.

8 minute AMRAP of:
6 reps of hang power clean at 70 %
4 reps of clean
2 reps of front squat

OK – this METCON was just mean! But I kind of liked it. I was the victim of my own bad math today. Maybe I was still celebrating the bench press PR in my head. Maybe I was caught up in the 80’s silliness. Likely it was some of both.

70% of my 1RM Clean is 130. I had no intention of attempting that. My plan was 125, with insurance plates to scale to 115, if necessary. I threw 2 35# plates on a 45# bar and then added 2 10# plates. The first round was AWFUL! I mucked my way through it and then shed the 10’s and completed the rest of the METCON.

It wasn’t until I was putting things away that I realized what I’d actually started at 135#, and then shed back to 115#.

In the end I completed 3 full rounds, plus 10 reps. It was miserable in that satisfying way that only CrossFit can provide. It was one of those, “Oh, God this hurts. Ain’t NOBODY gonna tell me I can’t drink a beer tonight. I have EARNED it!” My fellow 6:15 CrossFitters, I appreciate you. I salute you. And I will toast you with an adult beverage later this evening. I promise.