After assessing the video from this morning’s cleans and judging by the reaction of my legs after today’s METCON, ‘twitchy’ is the word that best applies to the day’s effort.

3 x 10 seconds
Hollow holds on floor (to reinforce “hollow body” position)

Hollow holds were pretty uneventful, but I did find they were pretty useful going into the next phase.

4 Rounds:
Max reps (-3) HSPU
Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round.

I mixed HSPU attempts (didn’t get any full reps today) with handstand holds against the wall. On one round of HSPU attempts I crawled up with my belly toward the wall and attempted a piked HSPU with my feet roughly 5 feet up the wall. Couldn’t get that either. I did feel like I had good hollow body position on all of the holds. So that was a plus.

Strength: clean 1-1 90%
1 rep of clean at 75 % – 140
1 rep of clean at 75 % – 140
1 rep of clean at 85 % – 155
1 rep of clean at 85 % – 155
1 rep of clean at 90 % – 165
1 rep of clean at 90 % – 165

Cleans and I have a bit of a weird relationship right now. I haven’t had any grip issues in a while so that’s cool. Still, I haven’t made any progress on this lift in more than 9 months. For a guy who started the year with a goal of adding roughly 20% to this lift, that’s a bit tough to accept.

There were 3 “guest” coaches at the box today. That is there were folks coaching who don’t normally see me lift and aren’t familiar with my quirks and issues. At some point they all observed a lift or two and complimented me that my technique looks good and that mostly I just need some fine tuning.

I appreciate that feedback. It’s nice to know that I have the fundamentals down, but it leaves me wondering why I haven’t been able to make any gains in my 1RM. After looking at the recordings of my lifts today, I have to believe that it’s largely mental and due to a twitchy left foot.

In all of the lifts today, I’m yanking the bar in the vicinity of my chin. The result is basically a hang power clean, catching it and then squatting after the fact. The only lift where that didn’t occur was in my bonus lift of 175#.

That one the bar definitely didn’t travel as high and I had to drop deeper to meet it, but it still wasn’t a full squat by any means. I’m concluding from this that I’ve got to work on dropping deeper faster to meet the bar sooner. Perhaps some heavy clean pulls would help too, right?

The other thing I noticed was that at every weight level today I’m leaning forward in my left foot to varying degrees and it’s twitching. My right foot always landed flat and stayed stationary.  The twitch with the left foot didn’t happen every rep. But it happened at least once at each weight. I’m landing flat on the right foot but the left is landing a bit more on the ball and the heel lifts/floats sometimes repeatedly before I lock it down screw it in and then stand up the clean.

From that observation, I’m concluding that I’m favoring the stronger right leg and landing harder on that side. So it seems to me I need to work on that left side strength to build it up and also work on my balance in my landings to make sure my bodyweight is equally distributed. Any body think I’m diagnosing that incorrectly? Please let me know.

I noticed the gym will be holding some weekend seminars on clean and jerk in October, with separate seminars on snatches. Defininitely going to have to check the family calendar and see if I can take part in some of those.


3 rounds of:
200 m run
5 reps of double kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull at 52/35 lb
8 reps of burpee
rest for 2 min

I like this METCON a lot. So much so that I made the mistake while resting between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of agreeing to taking on a 4th round! Don’t know what I was thinking. 😉 It’s been hours now since we did that WOD yet as I write this depending on how I sit my right leg still periodically gets the twitches in the thighs and glutes. Very distracting.

I didn’t note times for the individual sprints, but they felt really good today. It’s a rare occasion where I felt fast going up and down the sidewalk. Today was one of those days. I enjoyed the running.

Double kettlebell sumo high pulls are funky. Have not done those before. I did them at the Rx weight today and really liked them. In hindsight, if this had been a judged competition, I would not have been surprised to get no-repped on a couple because they were probably closer to double swings instead of high pulls. In my mind’s eye I can see a couple of those reps and I’m not convinced they were legit, but in the heat of the moment, I didn’t recognize them for what they were. All I know is that 2 52lb kb’s went up and down simultaneously 5 times unbroken each round.

The burpees were uneventful and unbroken. I was a bit surprised that no one joined me working outside in the grass on this gorgeous September morning. I wasn’t trying to be isolationist or anything, I just found it more comfortable outside and wanted to save steps anywhere I could.

I finished the assigned 3 rounds, Rx in 8:20. Very pleased with that given the 12 minute cap. The bonus round was over at the 11:50 mark. All in all a very satisfying day.