There’s a perfectly logical reason why my buddy Craig and I worked out wearing bandanas and eye patches today.

5 Rounds:
2 Snatch Deadlift
(Not just Sn. Grip DL but, passing through positions of Sn. Pull)
1 Snatch Pull
Rest 90 sec between rounds
Use 60% Snatch 1RM – 95#

I liked these. Very cool progression. Really made me concentrate on popping the hips and a big shrug/pull. Now, I hope I can remember and apply it in a full lift.


back squat 5-3-3-1-1-1-1
5 reps of back squat at 60 % 165
3 reps of back squat at 70 % 195
3 reps of back squat at 80 % 225
1 rep of back squat at 90 % 255
1 rep of back squat at 90 % 255
1 rep of back squat at 90 % 265
1 rep of back squat at 90 % 265

All Lifts were done just short of the assigned percentages except the last two at 265. Those were the full 90%. With all of the squats and kettle bell, I was glad to work just a bit under prescribed.

However with just a pair of lifts left, things felt good enough to try the full 90%. I did not record lifts today. There was just all sorts of things going on. But I was sharing a rack with my fellow buccanneer and he assured me that all lifts were to a good depth.

BTW – back squats are getting expensive! They cost me another pair of funky shorts today! I’m bummed too, this was the pair that stared it all! So sad. Ah well, clearance rack, here I come.

Thank, God it was just the shorts though. Coach Erin was nearby while I was squatting and heard the fabric rip. She asked me after I racked the bar, “Please tell me that was the sound of fabric ripping and not your knees!” I assured her that it was just cloth and not muscle fiber shredding, otherwise we would have been calling the paramedics.


5 rounds of:

15 reps of kettlebell swing at 52lb
10 reps of goblet squat
5 reps of kettlebell snatch (right arm)
5 reps of kettlebell snatch (left arm)
rest for 1 min

I scaled the weight back to 44# on this. I could have struggled through at 52#, but decided better to have good form. The left side KB snatches at 52# in the 4th WOD of the week would have been ugly. Better to pare back just a bit and run faster, stronger. I completed all 5 rounds in 9:20. Fastest round was just under a minute. Longest was 1:10. I’ll take it.

So about this.

crossfitting pirates

Avast thar! 20 burpees or walk the plank!

On Friday’s a bunch of us wear funky colored shorts. Last week we had our first theme week with 80’s week. I honestly had no intention of having a theme today. But it turns out yesterday was “National Talk Like A Pirate Day.” I made a post on FB mid-day Thursday to the 6:15 crew that if I’d known that sooner, I would have declared a pirate theme for today’s WOD.

My friend and frequent lifting partner Craig responded late in the day that it wasn’t too late. He said that he in fact owned an eye patch. I thought to myself, “well, if Craig is willing to go for it, I can’t pass that up. I’m in.” So we agreed that today would be pirate day. Bandannas and eye patches for both of us.

I dare say we’re a couple of rakishly handsome piratey crossfitters!

A couple of small notes about the eye patches.

1) I so LOVE my wife. As I posted on FB last night: “So as I’m explaining the motivation behind my latest round of shenanigans I say to Erin, “Don’t worry, Hon. I’m 42. There’s still a chance I’ll grow up one day.” She answers with, “God. I hope not!” I SO love this woman!”

The second part of the story is that when I explained the whole pirate theme and declared that I was running to the pharmacy after the kids were tucked into bed, she pointed out, “while you’re out, see if you can find a clip on gold hoop ear ring! That would really seal the deal!” So not only does this ever-lovin’ woman of mine indulge these silly games, she actively contributes! I so love that about her.

2) Also mentioned on FB but worth repeating here: While at the pharmacy the young cashier who’s checking me out looks at the eye patch and asks, ‘dressing up as a pirate?” I say, “yes, I am. Good guess.” She asks, “getting ready for Halloween?” I answered, “no, the gym.” The befuddled look on her face alone was worth the $6 for the eye patch!

3) Working out with one eye covered for an hour (Yes, I left it covered for every rep) left me feeling nauseous! I didn’t anticipate that. I expected that it might throw off my balance. I also had every expectation that I’d walk into something like the pull up rig on my blind side. Fortunately, I did not. But I was queasy for quite some time. That would have been a really silly way to end up finally meeting Pukey!