Making some changes to the routine for the month of October, all in the name of a good time with friends and the continued pursuit of fitness.

1 minute of Single Unders
30 seconds of Singles – right
30 seconds of Singles – left
4 minutes of Tabata Double Unders (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Jumping rope was challenging today. Today was just one of those situations where I know initially I wasn’t really concentrating. My mind was wandering outside the box and because of that I couldn’t get a rhythm going. Then when I really paid attention, I was over thinking, “where are my hands? Are my feet ok? Am I traveling? What’s around me? Watch the hands!” FWAP! “Ugh!” It seemed to be contagious too. Looked like most folks were struggling with their ropes today.

I had a few good double under runs, but didn’t do as well as I feel I should have. No big deal. We’ll just say the double under gods weren’t smiling on me today.

Strength: Clean

3 singles at 75 % – 140
3 singles at 85 % – 160
2 singles at 95 % – 170

Cleans are getting under my skin again. More accurately, they’re getting in my head again. I recorded all lifts. I was reasonably successful. Missed a couple of reps at the 95% mark, normally I’d say that’s to be accepted and wouldn’t be disappointed with that.

Except that I kept working 170# until I hit 2 consecutive successful reps. Then I got a wild hair and loaded 200# on the bar. I have suspected for some time that I have the physical strength but not the mental toughness to clean this weight. I’ve just had this feeling that I should be doing more here.

Today I just needed to answer the question, “Am I strong enough to clean 200#?” While I stepped up to the bar with the intent of doinf full squat cleans I ended up doing two tentative pulls. In looking at the video later I’m able to pull the 200# well above my belt line. So to paraphrase Jay Z “My clean may have 99 problems. Strength ain’t one of ’em.” So at least I’ve taken that out of the equation.

The issue, I believe, is that I’ve gotten so accustomed to yanking lighter weights much higher and not needing to squat deep. Now I’m afraid to get under the bar at that height. I’ve got to get past that.

To that end, I’m now registered for the CFD “Clean and Jerk” seminar in mid-October. Going to spend a few quality hours with Coaches Stew and Ryan and see if they can help me improve my habits and technique on this one.

Every minute on the minute (for 7 min):
plank hold for 30 sec

This was a deceptively tough METCON! Another example of the ‘simple ones always getcha!’ It doesn’t sound real rough right?

But I have to admit the planks wore me out much faster than I expected. I held the plank without faltering for 6 of the 7 rounds. The 6th round though, I admit, I piked my butt up for a couple seconds to relax and reset. In fact, I did it at least twice that round.

Technically, I suppose I should have started the burpees right then, but at the time the direction was, “if you fall out of the plank,” which in my mind translated to “if your pelvis hits the floor.” It didn’t occur to me that you could break the plank up as well as down. Sorry!

I did 46 total burpees across the 7 rounds. I’m pretty satisfied with that.

For the next few weeks, some of us that are committed to the November Tough Mudder are going to meet and do running/endurance focused training on Mondays and Wednesdays. So I’m shifting my schedule to Mon, Wed, and Fri for October. Monday and Wednesday run. Friday WOD. I’ll be curious to see if I see any noticeable gains in my speed or endurance in 3 weeks. I’d better if I want to keep up with this crew in November. 😉

I also made a contribution to the Durham Animal Protection Society as part of my participation in Crossfit Durham’s fundraising Xander WOD this Sunday. I’m looking forward to taking part again. Why $15? $14, one for each year our family enjoyed with our previous dog Chester, who was a shelter rescue and an extra dollar for hope. Chester was a beautiful soul. As much as I love our Fabulous Miss O, there are still days when I miss Ol’ Ches.

Ol' Ches enjoying a Spring Day in the yard

Enjoying the Day Watching the Boy