So today is the first day of Tough Mudder training for our team. We started with a two-ish mile obstacle/parkour sytle run through downtown Durham. The run was everything that I hoped it would be. One of those few instances where things actually went according to plan and lived up to my expectations. Very pleased with that.

It’s too much to go into full detail of the run, but here are some of the highlights

-) It was roughly two miles start to finish. A straight line route from Crossfit Durham to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park is .9 miles. We definitely did not run a straight line, so we tacked on a bit of extra distance.

-) Every traffic light was a 5 air squat stop. Team – thank my wife for realizing that burpees on pavement was going to suck well beyond the pale and suggesting the air squats!

-) Every stop sign was a 10 push up stop.

-) We did sheer wall climbs in the skate park on Rigsbee.

-) Balancing acts at the basketball court in American Tobacco.

-) Box jumps on the wall around CCB plaza

-) Inclined shuttle runs in the ATC parking deck, (AFTER climbing the 6 flights of stairs to the top deck)

-) Weave pole sprints down main street

Plus some crawling, jumping and inchworming at various grassy lots around town.

We finished in roughly 40 minutes. If I’d given the team maps and directions all of my team mates would have been standing around waiting for me at the finish line well inside that time. I am definitely the brake in this crew when it comes to strict running, but that’s ok.

All in all we were a sweaty grassy mess when we got back. Everyone tackled all of the obstacles successfully and no one got hurt. A complete success in my mind.

When we got back to CFD, the 6:15 crew was already into the morning METCON. It was five rounds of various activities, 3 minutes of work with one minute of rest in between.

Nat and I didn’t dive into that specific METCON, but we found space in the back and for the last three rounds on the main clock did AMRAP 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 3 minutes of work, one minute of rest.

I completed 3 full rounds the first time through, and nearly three rounds on the next two. I’m good with that.

A while back, I was grousing to Nat about how he talked me into adding a round onto a METCON which seemed like a good idea in the moment but left my legs spasming of their own accord for the remainder of the day. I even went so far as to send him a whiny e-mail.

Today during the third work cycle of our impromptu METCON he growled at me, “I don’t want to hear about your twitchy legs today. This one is all YOUR fault.” All I could do was smile. It was a good day.