I mentioned this Monday, but for the next month I’ll be training running exclusively 2 out of 3 workouts a week with some friends. That’s a serious shift both in training patterns and mindset.

Today’s first session under Einar’s guidance went pretty well. There’s this part of my brain that’s laughing, “Great. You’re 42 years old and you’re just now learning how to run?” The answer of course is, “No. I’m just now learning how to run effectively and efficiently.”

I’m not one of those folks that hates running. Running is just one more skill in the athlete’s arsenal to be learned and improved. Nothing more nothing less. It has to be studied and practiced again and again.

I’m not a great runner. I’m a whole lot faster than I was two years ago, but I end up laboring very quickly. With a 10 mile run just a month away, that’s a real issue. Yes there will be frequent stops for obstacles, but we’re still traveling 10-ish miles on foot. That’s a long way to go.

There have been times when I’ve wanted to attend some endurance WOD training or running clinics. Simply hadn’t found the time. Now, with Einar revisiting what he’s been taught and being willing to share with us in the mornings, it’s a great opportunity to get some exposure. He’s very clear and we all understand that he’s not a coach. He’s not certified, but he has some experience and knowledge that he’s willing to share. Who knows? If it goes well, then maybe I’ll have to make some time for some concentrated running training.

The first thing I learned this morning? Like so much of everything else I’m exposed to in CrossFit, I have SO much to learn and I’m very excited about that. “Posture, Lean and Lift!”