Great morning this morning. My body has been getting tighter and tighter as the day wears on. I’m loving it.

banded deadlift 
10 rounds of:
2 reps of banded deadlift at 60 %

I did these with 185# on the bar, a bit short of the assigned 60%. Did 7 sets with a red band then moved up to a thicker blue band for the last three.

I really like banded work. I was particularly conscious of how in the last three sets with the thicker band, the energy necessary to really extend the hips at the very top of the lift increased notably.

5 rounds of:
400 m run
15 reps of overhead squat at 95/65 lb

This is one of my favorite benchmark WODs. It’s one of very few that I’m actually confident about when we do them. That surprises me too with all of the running. We did this WOD back in mid-June and I completed it in 17:45. Back then that was a significant improvement over my first attempt.

I told my wife last night and mentined to Coach Erin this morning, the goal today was to go sub-sixteen minutes. It seemed aggressive, but attainable.

The overhead squats in this WOD are not the limiting factor. I did all 5 rounds unbroken.

The run is the x-factor. It’s always the run. I knew going into it this morning that I wanted to keep all runs right around 1:50, definitely under 2 minutes. Yeah, not so much.

First run came in under 1:45 and I really thought I was holding back at that point. Rounds 2 and three were very close to the 2 minute mark. Rounds 4 and 5 were not. They were closer to 2:10, I think.

I had another one of those bad math moments that almost derailed me metnally. After the second round, I went out the door, checked the clock and it read 6 minutes. I thought, “OK, 2 minutes to run. 8:00 minutes.” Meaning the target I was aiming for was to return to the gym at the 8 minute mark, but I suddenly got it in my head that 8 minutes had already elapsed!

I got very confused and frustrated running out to the 200M turnaround point. “8 minutes gone already and I’m not even halfway? I’m screwed! How did that much freakin’ time go by in two rounds?” I figured 16 minutes was gone, but still, I kept chugging determined to at least beat my old PR.

When I returned to the gym I turned the corner and saw that the clock had just hit the 8 minute mark. I’d done the 400 in 2 minutes on target and I was back on track! Hallelujah!

Coming in from the final run I checked the clock. It read 14:41. I had no clue how long previous squat sets had taken. I still didn’t know if I’d make the 16 minute mark.

I picked up the bar, picked my spot on the floor and focused there and just started squatting. I resolved not to look at the clock until the last rep was done. If I was ahead of my goal I didn’t want to know for fear of settling in. If I was behind, I didn’t want to know and get frustrated.

After standing up the 15th rep I stepped out from under the bar and let it crash to the floor. I still didn’t at look the clock until I heard the bar hit the floor. 15:31!

That was worth a fist pump and a serious ‘hell yeah,” and a ring of the PR bell!

Realistically, is a time like that going to punch my ticket to the Crossfit Games? Nah. Still, lopping 2:14 off workout time and seeing that kind of forward progress feels pretty good. Even now, 14 hours later, while everything from my ass to ears is tight. It’s totally worth it.