I realized today during the second day of running training with Einar that it really all does come back to posture and I have a lot of work ahead.

It was a fun day. Einar put us through a host of drills. My technique improves just a little bit each session.Posture, lean and lift.

It seems that improving my posture is going to be the biggest challenge. For me, improving that posture translates into tightening my core. As soon as I get distracted or the least bit tired my abs relax, then there’s more bounce and vibration in all of my motion and things cascade out of control from there.

Trouble is it’s damn hard to maintain tight abs when you’re gasping for air! Ha! It will come.

Einar is a patient and observant instructor. We’ll be running side by side and frequently he voices something that just went through my head as something I ought to adjust or improve. Who knows? Maybe I’m telegraphing. Regardless, I’ve learned quite a bit in just two sessions.

The highlight of the morning for me had to be the sprints.

We did a few iterations of a slow jog 100 meters out to the 200 meter turn around point and sprints back to the gym. When I put all the elements together, they were without question the fastest 100 meter sprints I’ve ever done and they felt GOOD. No pain in the knees or joints. My feet felt light. For a guy who’s accustomed to at best a Clydesdale clop, these sprints felt like flying. We didn’t time them and I don’t really care to know at this stage. Right now, it was enough just to feel fast. It was very, very cool.

They were fast enough that I got concerned at one point about toppling forward onto the concrete and consciously leaned back instead of forward to brake a bit. It was kind of fun to generate that kind of speed. Einar was telling me, “lean forward, lean forward.” In my head warning bells and impact/collision claxons were going off.  That’s not a sensation that I’m accustomed to. The speed work was a lot of fun. It’s not going to help much across a 10 mile mud run, but it’s still a great feeling to experience and it will be something I’ll be able to apply in future WODS.

All in all this running stuff is getting kinda cool.