Well, maybe not all at once exactly.

I missed posting about Wednesday didn’t I? It was a solid day of training/running. One of our other teammates Allison joined us. Einar put us through our paces and day by day things are coming together a bit better each time we practice.

I’m a bit concerned about my right achilles at the moment.  I find that I have ‘heat’ down there that I honestly can not distinguish is a developing blister/hotspot on the outside of my foot, or inflammation and aggravation under the skin.

It’s not serious and I’m being cautious about it, but it’s something to be mindful of. I’d feel pretty foolish and be very angry with myself if I injured myself prepping for the tough mudder in November.

Friday’s WOD

Test Max reps of Dips (3 attempts)

The guidance for this was to scale to a level that you were confident you could get 8-10 reps. The logic being know your 1 set max with a decent number of reps so that if 50% of max shows up in a METCON, you have a reasonable working number. Not much utility in having a 1 set max of 4 of something and then trying to divide it into percentages.

I’ve been maxing out at 7 ring dips, so I elected to do bar dips. Surprised myself with a set of 14! I quit after one set. Dips are one exercise that NEVER get better in later sets. NEVER. There was nothing to be gained in trying again. That being said, I am now curious to retest a 1 set max of ring dips. Wondering if I could manage to get 10?
Strength: Front Squats

5 reps of front squat at 60 % – 144
3 reps of front squat at 70 % – 170
3 reps of front squat at 80 % – 192
1 rep of front squat at 90 % – 215
1 rep of front squat at 90 % – 225 (Fail)
1 rep of front squat at 90 % – 215
1 rep of front squat at 90 % -215

It’s been a while since I’ve done front squats for 1RM and I was curious to see what I could do today. Just for grins and giggles, I went beyond the 90% mark on my second single and failed at 225#. OK, so there would be no new 1RM’s today. No big deal.

I recorded all lifts, but haven’t had a chance to watch yet, so no insights there yet.

METCON: Tabata kettlebell swing, box jump – Level 1
6 rounds of:
kettlebell swing at 52/35 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
box jump at 50 % for 20 sec — (20″)
rest for 10 sec

Level 2 for this METCON was a 70# Kettlebell and 60% of 1RM box jump. That would have translated to a 24″ box. I seriously flirted with the idea, but thought of my achilles and settled on fast and furious over the heavier load and taller box.

I did 14 Russian swings the first round and 13’s after that.

There was one round of 7 box jumps and all the others were 8’s. Very consistent so I was very pleased with that. I believe that adds up to 126 reps, rx. I’m definitely satisfied with that.

Sunday I’m attending the seminar on cleans with Coaches Stew and Ryan. I am very much looking forward to that. A couple of hours under the coaching of the men who have alternated first and second place in the most recent in gym lifting competitions. Should be fun. I’ll say it here and now. I want to walk away with a new clean 1RM in excess 200# by the time the day is done. We’ll see.