Two weeks into our 4 week endurance training and I’m coming up lame and pulling the plug. Since the second session of running/endurance training I’ve noticed that my right heel has been not 100%.

Initially I thought it might be the start of a blister. I then realized that the issue is deeper than that. This is not a surface problem.

I’ve been stretching, foam rolling, lacrosse ball rolling, bar smashing the heel and most of the right leg every chance I get. The heel always seemed to loosen up as the workouts progressed and I felt good immediately after. However the tightness had gotten more severe and took more work to eliminate after each workout.

Today, it’s beyond simple muscle tightness. The ankle/heel is swollen and it’s definitely affecting my walk. In my completely non-medical opinion it’s gone from a nuisance to an injury. Time to break out the ice pack and elevate.

I also admitted to myself today and informed my running partner/coach that I’m not planning to complete the next two weeks of running training. The whole point of this running training was to improve my technique and stamina for an upcoming 10 mile obstacle course in the first part of November. I have to face the fact that continuing with the running and pounding my leg like this would be counterproductive. As I pointed out to Einar, what good is increased lung capacity, if I can’t walk?

I’m disappointed. Even with the gimpy leg, we’ve been seeing good results in the distance we’ve covered during timed cadence runs. It’s been eye-opening to see what’s possible.

I know Einar feels bad and responsible. Like I said, Einar, “I’m a grown up. I should have admitted to myself sooner that I was overdoing it trying to keep up.” Maybe I fell victim to the tough it out mentality, but I don’t think so. I mean this started being an issue just a week ago. It’s not like I’ve been pounding along for weeks or months on end.

And the good news is it’s not that bad. In giving up the endurance training, I’m really trying to be proactive and avoid a serious injury. It hurts but I’m confident that with lots of ice and a bit of time and rest it’s all going to be fine. Some times in training, we have set backs right?

And of course there are all sorts of ways to train endurance that aren’t running. I’m thinking one day next week I’m going to try that rowing ladder that CFD did last Sunday.