I got so excited about the shenanigans surrounding yesterday’s trip to the state fair, that I forgot to post about Monday’s pre-fair workout. I had to do something to justify the deep-fried cinnamon rolls covered in bacon bits, and the deep-fried Milky Way that the kids shared with me…and the turkey leg I shared with the boy…and the Italian Sausage sandwich I refused to share with anyone!

Skill: Dips 3 sets of 6

I attempted a set of ring dips, which should have been attainable. On about the 4th rep, Coach Rachel called out, “lower, Paul.” I tried to get get deeper on the next rep and fell to the floor. I looked at her and smiled and said, “guess it’s a bar dip day.”

The two sets of bar dips were to standard and uneventful.

Front Squat

5 reps @ 50% – 120
5 reps @ 60% – 155
3 reps @ 80% – 190
2 reps @ 90% – 215
3 singles at 100%

Front squats were just ok. Work sets were uneventful and felt pretty good. The 215# felt heavy. Heavy enough that I made up my mind pretty quickly that I wouldn’t be pushing for any PR’s or new 1RM’s on the day.

Still my heaviest lift (I just can’t make myself say, “heaviest load” sounds too personal. Hazard of having a 4yo fascinated with biological functions I guess) on the day was 230#. That’s 10# shy of my all time PR. So I’m comfortable with the day’s results.

If I was sticking to my original October plan, I would have been doing endurance training with Einar running the streets of Durham. But in the interest of preserving my injured heel, I elected to take on a rowing WOD done at CFD two Sundays back. This WOD has been on my mind since it was first posted and I’ve been looking for a chance to give it a go. I love rowing. I was very curious to see how I could do on this one.

Row 250
Row 500
Row 1000
Row 500
Row 250

Rest a time period equal to the previous row before beginning the next distance. I suspected that rowing still might aggravate my heel, so I had a slam ball positioned near the right foot pad where I could rest my leg, if I needed relief.

Rowed the first 250M in :50.
Rowed the 500M in 1:55.
Rowed the 1000M in 4:06
The second 500M was just a bit faster than the first coming in at 1:51

The final sprint came in at :53

Final time to complete the WOD including rest periods 17:20.

I was pleased with the overall consistency of the times. I was a bit disappointed in that final sprint. When my second 500 came in faster than the first, I made it my goal to repeat that on the 250. Disappointed I missed that.

As for the slam ball, I used it for a while rowing with just my left leg for a bit of the first 500 and much of the 1000, but it was too exhausting.

I discovered on the fly that if I shortened my stroke compromising my leg bend, then my feet remained flat on the pedals and it didn’t bother my heel. The heel only twinges when I go up and stay up on my forefoot. Rowing flat-footed may not have been ideal technique, but I’m satisfied with it. Those times are completely respectable compared to my PR’s at the same distances. And I was able to do some reasonable endurance training. So I’m pleased that I found a satisfactory way to modify and improvise.