The basic workout rundown and then some other stuff.

Skill EMOM 8 min

3 strict slow Toe to Bar or Knees to Elbows – no kipping

OK work here. Working slow with no kip and trying to focus on activating the lats meant that most of my reps were Knees NEAR Elbows. I actually wish there had been two more rounds.

I felt like the last two rounds things fell into place. I was really getting the lats engaged correctly and the motion felt fluid. Kinda wishing there was one or two more rounds just to reinforce it.

Strength: Snatches
3 reps at 75% – 125#
3 reps at 85% – 145#
2 reps at 95% – 155#

Snatches were no bueno today. 75% was 100% this morning. I got three ok lifts in at 125#. For reasons I don’t fully grasp, I absolutely could not stick a snatch at 145#. I’m not going to overthink it or overanalyze it. In fact, I didn’t record this morning, so I’m unable to analyze it. I’m adopting the double under stance and simply going with “the snatch gods were not smiling on me today.”

100 reps of Ball Slams
EMOM 10 reps AbMat Sit Ups
10 minute cap

This METCON was FANTASTIC!!! If you read this blog at all, you know I adore ball slams. They are my favorite exercise bar none. So I was all excited for this one.

I came into it thinking if I had a glorious day, I could do this in 5 rounds and complete it in under 5 minutes. On the other hand, it seemed that getting in under 7 minutes was probably more realistic.

Rounds went 22, 18, 16, 14, 18, 12 – not as consistent as I would have liked, but I’m satisfied with it. Final time to finish 5:50 Rx (30# slam ball & AbMat situps). Right inside the window.

I was grinning all through this WOD start to finish. I didn’t sing, but I wanted to. You all know the tune! Sing along with me now the tune of “Sunshine in the Morning….”

“Ball slams on a Friday make me happy. Ball slams in the morning make me smile.”

Know what else makes me happy? Getting a simple message from a long time friend and former co-worker saying they admire the changes I’ve made, that I’m looking happy and healthy and that they’re proud of me. That’s pretty flattering and motivating stuff right there.

Forgive a bit of introspection and possibly some crowing, but as I’ve just exceeded 500 posts on this blog, and our family is looking forward to attending the Crossfit Durham 5th anniversary open house tomorrow, I can’t help but marvel at all of the positive changes in the past few years that have come about for me and my entire family from a simple gym membership. Truth is it has been a LONG time since I have been this happy and that happiness radiates out well beyond me.

-) My wife is now an active member at Crossfit Durham. Talking about WODs, lifts and such at the table is just ridiculous fun.
-) My MOTHER has been an active member at Crossfit Durham since the beginning of the year! (I promise you. I never saw that coming, but I’m so proud of and thrilled for her!)
-) Our kids are developing far better eating habits than I had as a kid at their age. They also have a wonderful willingness to experiment with new foods and tastes. They understand and appreciate the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on being active.
-) We all crave physical activity in a variety of forms. Karate for my wife. Dance and sports for the kids. Mud Runs and obstacle courses for me. We’re all just out in the community learning and exploring! And we’re making all kinds of new friends along the way!

And that’s really just scratching the surface.

Two plus years ago when I first signed up for Bootcamp my goals such as they were, basically were:

1) Lose 25-30 pounds

2) Get healthy enough to keep up with and be around longer for my kids.

Now I’ve got goals for every lift, movement and benchmark WOD and more. You could make the case, and I wouldn’t argue much, that perhaps I’ve gone overboard on the goals…but that’s another conversation. 😉

Back then a 10 mile bike ride was a major accomplishment. In a little more than a week I’m taking on my first Tough Mudder with a great group of friends. For those who may not be familiar, it’s a 10-12 mile RUN with 20 or so obstacles thrown in. The obstacles vary in degree of difficulty from scaling stacked hay bale mountains to running through exposed electrical wires! My how things have changed.

Yeah. I’m happy. That’s got to be the understatement of the year, but it fits.