With a balky heel and a 10 mile obstacle course run coming up in 2 days, I definitely didn’t max out today. I didn’t want to do anything that would prevent me from taking part in that Tough Mudder. That being said the effort was still intense.

EMOM 8 minutes:
2 Snatch @ 50%
Pause 3 second in the receiving position each rep

Done just under 50% at 75#? Why? Mostly because I was too lazy to traverse the gym one more time and grab the necessary 2.5# plates to make up the difference. Don’t worry. I made up for it on the backsquats.

Form felt pretty good today. Landings felt like they were back in the heels. Left knee wanted to cave in often, but as long as I was aware of it, it was manageable. About the third round the drops into the squat felt like they were a good depth.

All in all, not bad.


Back Squat 2-2-2 @85%
5 reps of back squat at 55 % -165#
3 reps of back squat at 65 % – 190#
3 reps of back squat at 75 % – 225#
3 sets of 2 reps of back squat at 85 % – 250#

All weights were at prescribed percentages except the round of 75%. I worked 5# over there. Why, you ask again? Same reason as before. It was simpler/more efficient to load 2 45# plates on each end of a 45# bar than to figure out the combination of plates and make the trip across the gym to acquire them. You might say, “lazy.” I say “efficient.”

Left knee was again wobbly particularly from 75% up. Not a surprise. Once I’m clear of this Mudder, I’ve got to give some thought to really focusing on improving that left side weakness and eliminating the imbalances there. Also have to recommit to that bar muscle up by the end of the year goal. A good friend recently got his first and I’m reinspired to chase that again.

10 minute AMRAP of:
2 reps of renegade man makers at 45/35 lb
5 reps of burpee
200 m run

I think this is the first time since the Level 1/Level 2 system that I’ve done a WOD at Level 2. Well, it was sort of Level 2. I guess if we want to get technical about it, I did Level 2, scaled.

There was no way I was doing 45# renegade man-makers. I had 35# in my mind right from the start. Level 1 incorporated ‘standard’ man-makers. Those are the ones where you plank with your hands holding the dumb bells on the floor, row once with each arm, then hop up into a squat, squat clean the dumb bells up to the rack position, then do a thruster with them, standing explosively and extending the dumb bells out over your head.

Renegade man-makers add a dumb bell push up in between each of the rows. They were tough. Especially the last two rounds. I was kind of ‘barking’ out my exhale at the top of each thruster at the end.

Burpees were fine and all done unbroken.

Runs were tentative. With my aching heel I didn’t want to press anything, so runs were definitely slower than they could have been. It took until the third round until the heel felt really ‘warm’ and I was no longer conscious of it.

All in all the WOD was 10 minutes of constant motion, no resting. So I’m satisfied with that.

I did 4 rounds and 10 reps. 10 reps, you ask? But Paul, there were only 7 reps per round. Good eye and my aren’t you full of questions today. When I finished my 5th round of man-makers, there was roughly 30 seconds left in the 10 minute cap. Rather than go out and not finish a run I elected to do burpees until time expired. I got in 8 of them.

Thinking ahead to the Tough Mudder Saturday, I am both excited and daunted. The weather should be great. It’s forecast to be in the low 70’s. Can’t complain about that. Every now and then I get intimidated by the thought that ‘Damn 10 miles is a long run.’ Then there’s the electricity to content with. I wish my heel felt better than it does. It would give me more confidence. But we’ve got a great crew of friends running together, so it’s going to be cool. I’m definitely looking forward to it.