Last night reading the posted WOD, I was sorely tempted to attempt the harder level-2 workout. This morning I was just sore, so I stuck with Level 1. It was the right call.
5 Rounds
3 Unbroken Hi-Hang Cleans
Use 50% 1RM Clean – 95#
90 seconds rest between rounds

These went pretty well. The outside tops of my hips were extremrely tight this morning. Dropping quickly into a full squat was tough at the outset. Things loosened up eventually and these were ok.

Strength: sumo deadlift 4-4-4 75%
5 reps of sumo deadlift at 45 % – 155#
5 reps of sumo deadlift at 55 % – 185#
3 reps of sumo deadlift at 65 % – 225#
3 rounds of 4 reps of sumo deadlift at 75 % – 255#

These were ok this morning, but a felt a bit heavier than usual. Not surprising given Saturday’s Tough Mudder. I started the first set with my hands too close together and the bar was all kinds of unbalanced. Coach Rachel spotted the flaw in my technique and got me right for the remaining sets

row, slam balls, deadlift – Level 1
4 rounds of:
12 calorie row
12 reps of slam balls at 30/20 lb
9 reps of deadlift at 185/155 lb
rest for 3 min
time cap for 20 min

Level 2 required a 40# slam ball and 225# deadlifts. On a ‘normal’ week, if I were feeling fresh, I think I would have taken that challenge. Today was not that day, though.

We had more athletes than rowers, so I agreed to start with the ball slams and end the round with the row. End time for the WOD was 14:27. Some rounds I took the full 3 minutes rest. Some rounds I took a bit less.

All exercises were done unbroken. The interesting thing about the WOD was that each round got faster. It was a spontaneous goal that I set when the second round came in faster than the first. I decided, “OK. Make each of the next rounds faster.” I honestly did not expect to be able to do it. But in the end the splits were as follows.

First round: 1:37.
Second round 1:30.
Third Round: 1:29.
Final round 1:27.

A very satisfying day. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s regularly scheduled rest day.