Figuratively and literally, it was a very up and down sort of day.

Deadhang Pullups
5 sets of 8 reps
I don’t have 8 strict deadhangs, so I did ring rows. Theser were integrated in between bench press sets. I did ring rows.

Did them with the rings just below my pecs with feet on the floor. Probably would have done myself more service, if I’d taken the time to get a box, change my angle and push them a bit further.

I’m in an odd in-between stage here. I certainly don’t have 5 sets of 8 strict dead hangs, but the ring rows sometimes don’t feel like enough work. Might experiment with weighted or one arm work next time around.

Strength: bench press (close grip) Test for 1RM
5 reps of bench press (close grip) at 50 % 115
5 reps of bench press (close grip) at 65 % 135
3 reps of bench press (close grip) at 80 % 185
2 reps of bench press (close grip) at 90 % – 200
1 rep of bench press (close grip) at 100 % – 210
1 rep of bench press (close grip) at 100 % – 220
1 rep of bench press (close grip) at 100 % – 230

This was the highlight of the WOD, the figurative up. I don’t have record of a 1RM for the close grip bench. Very satisfied to push 230#. That’s 15# shy of my current standard grip bench.

row, double under – Level 1
500 m row
200 reps of double under
time cap for 8 min

This was the downer. I haven’t been practicing double unders much and it showed today.

The row was fine. Finished in 1:40. Grabbed my rope and started jumping and I was just FLAILING. I was lucky if I strung 5 reps together at a time. It took a ridiculous amount of time just to get to 50 reps.

It hit the point where I realized I was just wasting time and not getting the full benefit of the workout. So, what do we do? Adapt and improvise. I abandoned my rope and hustled for a parallette.

When the clock expired at 8 minutes, I had completed 190 reps. The clock stopped at that 8 minute mark, so I don’t know my true time to complete the final 10 reps. I’m guessing 8:15, maybe 8:20.

My right heel, injured during endurance training during October, was not thrilled with the idea of doing double unders. It really did not agree with my decision to switch to parallette jumps. Trying to decide how to treat this. Might need to get some professional attention for this. We’re planning a family ski trip in January and I don’t want this holding me back.