Coach Stephen used that word frequently today as we worked through the second day of his week of programming. It was very apt.

1 warm-up Round:
Hold L-sit for 40% of max hold.
Rest 1 min.
Then 4 rounds:
Hold L-sit for 60% of max hold.
Rest 1 min.

I don’t have L-sits for the times suggested, so I did a combination of loose and tight tuck L-sits in parallettes. All holds were for roughly 20 seconds or just a shade over. Not bad.


snatch 1-1-1-1 80%
4 singles of snatch at 60 % – 100
4 singles of snatch at 70 % – 115
4 singles of snatch at 80% – 135

These went OK today except that I’m not dropping deep enough or fast enough. I was basically doing power snatches all morning. Need to work on hip mobility on my own time.

run, push-up, sit-up, slam balls – Level 1
4 rounds of:
400 m run
10 reps of push-up
15 reps of sit-up (standard) at 30/20 lb
20 reps of slam balls at 30/20 lb
time cap for 20 min

This was most definitely a grind of a METCON, but in the good sense. It was one that I found was fairly straight forward to budget my energy and remain pretty consistent from start to finish.

I almost went wire to wire with unbroken activity/movement, which was my goal. The exceptions being. I definitely lingered longer than strictly necessary at the turn around point on the third and final runs. And somewhere around 12 reps in the last round of ball slams I paused for a bit and took a few extra breaths before resuming. Resting during ball slams? So unlike me. But it was necessary.

Time to complete: 16:39. Completed rounds were very evenly split in terms of time. That was a secondary goal and I’m satisfied with the results. I didn’t want to do a 2 minute round, a 4 minute round and a couple of 7 minute rounds. I wanted to stay consistent throughout. I don’t have precise times but they were all in the ball park of 4-ish minutes. I’ll take it. Runs got progressively slower as the WOD advanced, so I had to work harder on the calisthenics, but that was expected and I was able to manage it. So overall, I feel like the performance was pretty consistent and I’m satisfied.

I can feel a rest week coming up in the not too distant future. My last one was the first week of September. Remembering the advice that folks offered back then, I’m thinking the first week of December sounds about right for some scheduled downtime. It’s a bit tricky. If I listen to my body, I feel like I might benefit more if I did it sooner rather than later.

On the flip side, October was a kind of erratic month in terms of training. I altered my standard gym schedule to prep for the Tough Mudder, then things got a bit weird when I got injured. I started, if not cherry-picking WODs, being selective to avoid WODs that I thought would further damage my heel. So now, I do feel it’s important to re-establish my 4 day a week schedule for a while before sitting out again. I need to reset my brain to scale, if necessary, not skip WODs based on possible injuries. I feel like I need to re-set the patttern and habits before I take time away. We’ll see how it goes.