Having one of those weeks where I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.

4 Rounds:
Max reps (-3) pistols Right leg, then Left leg.
Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round.
Scale to a box to put these sets in the 5-10 rep range.

Used a 12″ box plus a 25″ plate to scale. Attempted just the box first. It was too low. I was crashing out and placing all of my weight on the box rather than ‘kissing’ it with my backside.

I got at least 5 reps each leg, one round I got 6. Pretty good work. Pistols are coming along. Slowly, but they are progressing. Can’t be disappointed about that.


front squat 2-2-2 85%
5 reps of front squat at 55 % – 135
3 reps of front squat at 65 % – 155
3 reps of front squat at 75 % – 185
3 sets of 2 reps of front squat at 85 % – 205

I was looking forward to these and they did not disappoint. The 3 sets of 2 were tough as they should be, but form was good and I felt confident in each rep. Nice feeling, that doesn’t always happen.

Tabata burpee, Tabata wall ball
8 rounds of:
burpee for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
wall ball at 20/14 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec

I’m really enjoying Coach Stephen’s programming this week. His style, or at least what he’s got us doing this week really suits me. Today’s WOD felt like a playground style WOD to me. The 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest format always strikes my sense of play, so I always enjoy those.

I tinkered with the idea of doing the level 2 WOD which would have been burpee pull ups and using a 30# ball for the Wall Ball but decided against it. After the 8 minutes expired today I found myself with no energy for anything but leaving sweat angels on the gym floor. So it seems like level 1 was the right choice.

As with yesterday, my goal was to be consistent. I sorta but mostly didn’t really accomplish that.

The first round was 6 and 9 reps respectively. I knew that was unsustainable. I made the decision to target 7 rounds of 5 and 8. For the next four rounds I was able to maintain that. The next two rounds I scored 4 and 7. Final round was 3 and 7.

So when I say ‘I sorta but mostly didn’t accomplish’ my goal what I mean is that I went through the motions for at LEAST 5 burpees every round (some times 6) and at least 8 wall balls EVERY round, but I ‘no repped’ a bunch of each.

I did ‘competition’ burpees jumping to touch a pull up bar 6″ over my extended arms. I no repped a number of attempts because I didn’t touch the bar. Annoying because in some cases, I’m sure I was high enough, but I wasn’t positioned under the bar or simply failed to locate and touch it. Lousy reason not to hit a goal.

Wall balls were similar. Most no reps were for not hitting the wall. The ball went 10′ high, but failed to make contact with the wall. How does a person manage to miss a concrete block wall repeatedly? Yeesh.

In the end, my final score was 37 burpees + 62 Wall balls = 99 reps.

I didn’t have a running count of reps in my head during the METCON, so I didn’t realize I was even in the vicinity of 100 reps. Not sure that would have made a difference to anything. It might have made for an interesting spontaneous goal, but no big deal.

All in all, it’s been a very good gym week. Spending quality time with folks I care about, playing in the box and challenging myself and getting healthier. I’m a lucky lucky man.