I’ve got some use or lose vacation time to burn between now and December 31st. So I’m just taking a day here and there and while I do, I’m taking the opportunity to visit some local Crossfit boxes. The first stop, on what I’ve now dubbed the Crossfit Funky Shorts Road Show, was at Crossfit Surmount in Apex.

Coach Paul used to coach at Crossfit Durham but opened Surmount in the March/April time frame. I’ve said since the day he opened the doors that I wanted to visit, but haven’t made the time. My wife Erin pushed me to stay true to my word and get there today. I’m really glad she did.

So here’s the WOD:

Time Trials
Row 1k
50 pushups
50 pull-ups
50 air squats
50 Abmat sit-ups
50 double unders
50 wall ball shots (20/14)
50 slam balls (30/25)
50 Abmat back extensions
10 rope climbs

The expectation was you would complete all the reps for any given exercise/event then move to the next one. You could rest as much as necessary between events. I kind of lost sight of the fact that this was intended to be 10 separate ‘fast as possible events.’ I had more of the big picture mindset as I was going through it. That is I didn’t record specific start/stop times for each set. I simply recorded the end times of each set and then prepped/rested for the next one, completed it and recorded that end time. So my down time is baked into my interval times. No big deal. Honestly, I’m not sure it would have made a significant difference in the results.

I modified the order as follows:

50 Double Unders – completed in 2:15. Knowing how unpredictable DU’s can be for me, I wanted to do them fresh and get them out of the way. The Double Under Gods were smiling today. I completed these in sets of 25, 15 and 10. I actually pulled up at that 25 and 15 mark. I didn’t want to push too far and then be doing singles to completion. That was a very good round for me.

50 Slam Balls – completed at the 6:25 mark, so 4:10. Slam balls are always fun, so why not knock them out.

50 Air Squats – completed at the 9:07 mark, so 2:52. Originally, I thought I was going to follow slam balls with pull ups to get them out of the way. When I finished the slam balls though, I knew my arms needed a break, so I improvised and did air squats.

50 pull ups – completed at the 17:46 mark, 7:39. Gawd these were tough. I started with a couple sets of six, then 5, then 4’s. A few pairs as well to finish them off.

50 ab mat sit ups – completed at the 20:50 mark, 3:04. Sets of 15, 15, 10 and 10, I think.

50 Wall balls – completed at 26:05, 5:15 – These were grueling. I probably threw the ball up 60 times to get the necessary 50 reps. I was in Coach Paul’s house. I had to be strict about reps and no repped myself a bunch of times. 😉

50 Push Ups – completed at 31:09 – 4:54. Push ups are usually a strength and I pushed these to late in the WOD. I underestimated how much the previous exercises would tear me up. Putting them behind wall balls was probably not the soundest tactical decision either. I’m not satisfied that it took nearly 5 minutes to complete these and that near the end all I could manage was sets of 3. Oh well.

50 Ab mat back extensions – completed by 34:00, 2:51. 5 sets of 10.

10 Rope climbs – Another tactical misstep. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve climbed the rope at Crossfit Durham. Typically, I’ve done it as a warm up when I’m fresh and monkeying around waiting for the WOD to begin. On those ocassions, the most I’ve ever done is 2 maybe 3 connsecutive climbs. Leaving this until the second to last event was a major brain cramp. Would I have been able to complete 10? Probably not, but I could have done more than 1. That’s all I got. I did 1 good rope climb. Made a second attempt and came about 2ft short of completing it. I came off the rope and resolved myself to the idea that I wasn’t going to finish those at all. I wandered off for the row.

1K Row – 4:18.3 to finish. Given all of the work that preceded it, that’s a respectable 1K time for me.

43:10 total minutes had gone by when I finished the row. I was sitting down to figure out my interval times for each set when Coach Paul asked if I’d gotten all the work in. I pointed out that I wasn’t going to finish the rope climbs, then noticed that one of the other athletes was substituting by lying on the floor and pulling herself hand over hand to a standing position. I asked, “Is that the substitution?” coach Paul said, “Yes, 3:1.”

I responded, “30 of them?! Aw, crap.” I thought to myself, “Well, I didn’t come this far for a DNF (Did Not Finish). Let’s get after it.” I got the 30th rep at 50:10. 6:55 to complete.

All in all a fantastic work out. It was great to see Crossfit Surmount and work out under Coach Paul’s guidance for a day. If I have friends in the Apex area curious about Crossfit and looking for a gym, check them out! If for no other reason than when you go, you get to hang out with this friendly handsome devil, Luke.

Luke, Crossfit Surmount Mascot

Luke, the Crossfit Surmount Mascot, is a gracious host, as are all the humans there.