Spent a lot of time making deals with myself today.

Deadhang Pullups
Test Max reps of Pull-ups
Not gonna lie. These kinda got passed over today. On a great day when I’m feeling rested, I’m good for a set of MAYBE 7 dead hangs. I was not feeling rested today.

It seems I used my weekly allotment for pull ups at Crossfit Surmount yesterday. I could have tested max reps for ring rows or something else, but I simply moved on to floor press.


floor press 4-4-4 75%
5 reps of floor press at 45 % 115#
5 reps of floor press at 55 % 125#
3 reps of floor press at 65 % 145#
3 sets of 4 reps of floor press at 75 % – 175#

These all were done Rx and pretty straight forward.

20 minute AMRAP of:
10 reps of push press at 115/85 lb
10 reps of kettlebell swing at 53/35 lb
10 reps of 24/20 in box jump

I’ve never done this benchmark WOD, but it was obvious this was going to be a major grind and it was going to be tough to stay motivated and keep moving. This is where all the deal making happened.

I set my bar up to do the WOD Rx with a 45# bar and 35# plates. I did a few warm up reps of push press and opted for a bail out set up. 45# bar + a 25# and 10# plate on each end. “I really should do this Rx, but damn that was heavy. I won’t bail out to 95#, unless I absolutely have to. I promise.”

The first couple of sets were done unbroken and well under 2 minutes. Somewhere around the 3rd or 4th round the pace fell off and that 2 minute mark became my salvation. “Finish this round. Then you can rest until the next two minute mark, I promise.”

A few rounds after that, it was, “just get through this round of push press. Break it up any way you need to. Then you can chalk up before the kettle bell swings. You can use that bucket on the far end of the gym floor, not the one you positioned 3 steps away from your station. But you have RUN to and from the bucket.” “I will. I promise.”

In the last 5 minutes, the promises started getting bigger and the incentives more tangible. “Just get through this round and you can have a piece of the kids’ Halloween candy today. I promise.”

“Get through this next round and you can order that new CD you want. I promise.”

The final round it was something like, “Just don’t puke and you don’t have to come back tomorrow…and maybe not Thursday. I promise.”

When the 20 minutes elapsed I completed 8 rounds and 8 additional push presses, Rx. At that stage, I might have promised myself a Porsche, but we’ll have to see what Erin has to say about that.