It was 22 degrees in Durham this morning. That was COLD for around here! I was hoping I could coax someone into bring out a pair of dumb bells to my car so I could just spend the morning doing seated curls in the comfort of my warmed up vehicle. No luck though. I had to head into CFD to take on the full day’s scheduled work.


Kipping Pullups
5 Rounds:
5 sec on/5 sec off x 3 kipping swing (no pullup, just swing)
“Jump, push, swing” drill
5 sets of 5 reps
30 second rest between sets

Today might be the first time the jump, push, swing drill made sense to me today. Which seems odd because for the most part I have kipping pull ups. My technique certainly needs improvement and more strength. But I can string a few kipping pull ups together at a time to plod my way through a WOD. It’s always bugged me that this drill felt so damn foreign. Today it sort of clicked.
clean 1RM
1 rep of clean at 60 % 115
1 rep of clean at 70 % 135
1 rep of clean at 75 % 145
1 rep of clean at 85 % 165
1 rep of clean at 90 % 175
1 rep of clean at 95 % 185
1 rep of clean at 100 %
1 rep of clean at 100 %
1 rep of clean at 100 %

Everything up to 85% felt really good this morning. So much so that after the lift at 165# I was telling myself, “this is it. This is the day. This is the day I break 200#.”

175# Felt pretty good too. Got a bit forward with the landing, but I completed the lift.

Things came unglued at 185#. First lift I lost my grip after the bar popped off my hips. It was all downhill from there. Missed numerous attempts for a variety of reasons. One of those days where I wasn’t even able to make the same mistake twice in order to have a single thing to focus on. Kind of annoying. Especially because I lost track of my weights.

I had it in my head that I was missing 175#. When I broke down the bar for the morning and realized that my misses were at 95% of my 1RM, that was a bit easier to stomach.


slam balls, burpee – Level 1
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
slam balls at 30/20 lb
time cap for 8 min

I purged my agression/disappointment about the cleans during the METCON. All rounds of exercise went unbroken. I never paused for more than a 3 breath rest between exercises and completed the METCON Rx in 6:44. Pretty satisfied with that. Having done an ascending ladder on Friday, I confirmed what I wrote and thought then. I MUCH prefer descending ladders!

I think these workout posts are going to become less frequent. I’m finding their not terribly entertaining to write anymore and therefore they can not be terribly entertaining to read. They’ll still happen from time to time, and I’ll continue to record my workout results for my own use, but unless something significant happens on any given day, I’m thinking the posts will slow down. Finding I want to tell other stories for a while. We’ll see.