That thought bounced around in my head several times today. Not sure I ever found an answer.

Complete 3 Rounds (not timed)
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Snatch
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
Use 60% 1RM – 95#.

These went ok. A rare time where I would say I wish there had been one more round of work.

My squats were finally getting deep and fast enough in the third and final round to be considered on target. One more round once all the joints were adequately lubricated would have been well served.


Back Squat 4-4-4 75%
5 reps of back squat at 45 % – 135
5 reps of back squat at 55 % – 165
3 reps of back squat at 65 % – 195
3 sets of 4 reps of back squat at 75 % – 225

Back squats felt pretty good today. Good enough that all the percentages above are roughly 5# over the strict percentages.

There was definitely a moment of “what the hell am I doing adding more weight?” But ultimately it was convenient in terms of plates coming on and off the bar and form felt good.

thruster, pull-up, rest, power snatch, box jumps – Level 1
7 minute AMRAP of:
6 reps of thruster at 95/65 lb
6 reps of pull-up

rest for 1 min

7 minute AMRAP of:
5 reps of power snatch at 115/75 lb
5 reps of 24/20 in box jump

Brian had the quote of the moring regarding this 2 part METCON. Somewhere during the strength segment he announced to those of on the racks around us, “you know? I still haven’t decided which METCON I’m doing.” We had a good laugh over that and oh, how I wish that was the case! This WOD was pretty cool, but DAMN it was tough.

Just before the starting bell sounded, I was just looking at the white board, dreading the work ahead of us and getting intimidated. That’s when the first “what the hell am I doing” occurred.

The first METCON is Fran-esque in that it alternates thrusters and pull ups. I have a little wager with one of the coaches regarding Fran. We’re planning a head to head Fran-off in a couple of months and the winner walks away with an expensive bottle of whiskey. That is, after we’ve had a chance to toast our survival of another bout with Fran.

The ultimate motivation and goal behind the head to head match up is it’s a race to see who can achieve a sub-6 minute Fran first. Wagering against a coach may or may not have been the tactically savviest decision I could make, but hey it’s motivating.

With that wager in the back of my mind, it was tempting to try to just blast through that first METCON to see how far I could go. I kept wondering, ‘Huh. Could I hammer out 45 reps of each in 7 minutes? It’d be an interesting update. Even if it’s not quite apples to apples.” Seems it was tempting enough that I flew through the first round. The first 6 and 6 were done in well under a minute. In fact most of the room finished that first round just as quickly. Coach Doug, waiting for the start of the 7:15 session called out, “Oh, you guys did that much too fast!” I thought about it. “Damn! He’s right. There’s a whole second METCON after this. What the hell am I doing?” After that I found a more sustainable rhythm.

I completed 5 rounds even in this first METCON. Even if this had been the only work for the day, I doubt I could have done 7+ rounds in under 7 minutes to get the requisite 45 reps each to equal Fran. No way it would have happened in under 6. But that’s ok.

The minute of “rest” barely seemed like enough time to add the requisite plates to get to the Rx weight for power snatches, even with 3 coaches scrambling around the gym assisting all the athletes.

Box jumps got me next. The Rx for level 1 was 24.” I inadvertently set my box to 30.” I had no ambition or intention of doing extra work at that stage. I was 3 reps into the first set thinking, “Damn! These box jumps feel HIGH!” They were! And there it was, “what the hell am I doing to myself?” I rolled the box over and continued on.

My score for the second METCON was 4 rounds + 3 power snatches. So final score – 9 rounds + 3. Pretty satisfied with that.

Wednesday is definitely a rest day. Thursday and Friday WODs are going to be game day decisions. I’ll definitely get to one. I’m not sure about both. Need to balance the family holiday schedule against the gym’s shortened holiday schedule and figure out what works.

Happy holidays, everyone.