One rep max split jerks, 100 ball slams and good fun with good friends. What’s not to smile about? And what did you think I was talking about?

Skill (to be done AFTER the strength work today):
Ring Dips
3 sets of 6 reps

Not gonna lie. I was so focused on split jerks and those took me right up to the time of the METCON, that I set these aside.

I went back after the METCON and got 2 sets of 3 good deep reps. It was all I had left in my arms at that point.

Strength: Jerks (Push or Split)

1 rep of push/split jerk at 60 %
1 rep of push/split jerk at 70 %
1 rep of push/split jerk at 80 %
1 rep of push/split jerk at 85 %
1 rep of push/split jerk at 90 %
1 rep of push/split jerk at 95 %
3 attempts at new 1RM for jerk

I have either failed to record my 1RM for split jerks previously or have always elected to do push jerks on 1RM days. Either answer is equally likely, but it means that my only recorded split jerk in my WOD book is 165# x 3.

I elected to do split jerks and based my percentages today off my push jerk 1RM of 225 and set to work.

I know that if all other variables are equal, a lifter who is technically competent at both the push and split jerks should be able to split more than they can push. That has never been the case for me.

I’m much better at the simple dip drive dip of a push jerk. As a rule, the less body parts I put in motion at one time, the better things are going to turn out for me. I have more confidence in the push jerk and as a result, I can usually lift more that way.

The whole one foot forward, one foot back, both feet moving laterally has always bothered me. Still, knowing that, I chose to challenge myself and focus on the split jerk with a goal in mind to at least match my push jerk 1RM.

It took two attempts, but I got it!  225# for a new 1RM (a shade more than bodyweight). Very satisfied to have an ‘official’ 1RM for this and very pleased with that number.

slam balls, run – Level 1
100 reps of slam balls at 30/20 lb
200 m run
time cap for 12 min

I got a heads up last night that today’s METCON would be one that I should enjoy. Dave wasn’t kidding! This one was a treat!

Although I didn’t read the full instruction last night so I was caught by surprise when I read the full detail on the gym white board this morning. The critical additional direction that I overlooked was, “run 200M anytime you stop doing ball slams!”

I had come to the gym this morning thinking, “Cool. 5 sets of 20 ball slams, take a quick breather between each set, bang out a quick  200M at the end. Nice.”

That whole “run 200m any time you stopped” changed everything. I wasn’t sure just how few sets I could break this into.

Fortunately, I’d had a bit of practice this weekend. See, Saturday was my birthday. I turned 43. The tradition at CFD is that on your birthday, you should do as many burpees as you are old. I reject this tradition and created my own. It’s my birthday. I should pick the exercise. So I did 43 ball slams before yoga on Saturday morning and I did them unbroken.

Knowing that I was reasonably sure I could do something like 45-45-10. Or perhaps I would do 45-35-20 and still limit the running to 400M.

I surprised myself. At 45 reps, I was slowing, but still feeling ok. I knew I wouldn’t go the full 100 reps unbroken. Still, it was manageable. I told myself, “get halfway.” When I hit 50 Griff called out, “43 Paul, just for you.” I couldn’t help myself I called out, “Nice work. 50 here.” Then I did 5 more reps for good measure. I just wanted to be a step or two beyond the halfway point.

Doing the 45 reps after the run wasn’t too bad. I completed the entire METCON in 5:08. Perhaps I should have considered doing it at Level 2 with the 40# slam ball.

Good way to kick off the week. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week holds.